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Hello to all my star studded fans, I love you all know that, because without your ears, and your constant praise, I would be absolutely nothing!! I'm now into my collab mode, so all artists looking to do some collabs, I'm all in, so hit me up on here, or @ allinboyz@rocketmail.com, for info, and let's get to making history, as there are THOUSANDS of people on here I have heard with plenty of talent!! Singers,rappers, rock stars,reggae, etc.... Let's get this music going, and reach the stars together y'all!!!

Jerz on The Hard Rock Cafe Contest!!!! Vote please!!!!

Jerz is now live in The Hard Rock Cafe contest..All my beatiful magnificent fans PLEASE go and download my song" Boyz r Back" and download tell your friends lovers, creep moves, enemies enemies of your friends, friends of your enemies lol direct em to the below link an tell em go crazy and download my song as much as they want!!!! http://www.reverbnation.com/hard_rock_rising/153603

Thank you to all of MY GREAT FANS!!!!!

I would like to thank all my beautiful, extravagant, phenomenal, extraordinary, fans 1 BILLION times over. I wish I could personally send all of you a thank you for coming to my page, and listening to my music, and becoming a fan. I also listen to each person that fans me, so I'm not just going to your page, and hearing 2 seconds of your song, then passing by. No i actually listen because ALOT of you have MAJOR TALENT and should have ALREADY been heard by millions already!!!! So thank you all from the bottom of my heart to all my fans. Continuing listening and hitting me up, as I try to answer all of my emails, so don't be offended if I don't get right back to you, I just take a bit longer to get back sometimes, and I'm working on it!!! Keep listening..It's the Year of the Dragon!!!!!! ~Jerz~

Whats good!!!

Just sending a shout out to all my fans old and new, thanks for joining and listening, as I do the same when I come to your pages..... I definitely do try and listen to ALOT of the artist pages!!!! But I'm definitely not on no I'm better or bigger than anyone on here, and that I do have time to sit and stop and thank all of yall wonderful people that stop and take a listen to me...I appreciate it!!! Big up to ALL my artists' (whatever you do) Worldwide!!!!!!!

DIRTY JERZ is on the Heineken Ultimate Playlist

Yours Truly is NOW on the Ultimate Playlist for Heinekin, check my song "Take ME Home", featuring Ashley......Make sure you go to the Heineken Ultimate Playlist at http://www.reverbnation.com/heineken, and search for Dirty Jerz "Take Me Home" f/ Ashley!!! Go get your listen and download on,and make it happen!!! Thanking all in advance!!!!!! Without yall, this wouldn't be possible!!!!!! Dirty Jerz

Thanks to CChoke

I just wanna send a shout out and thanks to DJ CChoke and Da Lioness for all the help and support on my page and promotion they been hittin myself and Ghost with!! Props to my team...YALL look for the Cchoke Mixtape coming soon!!!