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Shanta Paloma / Blog

Get Free Unreleased Songs!

The thing is, ReverbNation could quit And I don't want to loose you just yet So find my website, my facebook, my twitter And "like" and "follow" and be a SPecial List-er! that's www.ShantaPaloma.com Sign up and download free unreleased songs!

Interview on 103.3FM

Joshua Braska interviewed SP on his radio show, The Quiz Show, on WXOJ-LP 103.3 FM. We talk about lil SP's history, which celebrities she'd royal rumble with (or hug), upcoming events and Gary The Pomeranian who does yoga...

Go to www.ShantaPaloma.com to listen

or try going on this link:


The Badass & Baroque Tour To Las Vegas (To Marry The Scaggsvilles)

So here's the deal - Matty Scaggsville (search: Art By Matto) and I were thinking we'd get hitched in Vegas... But he said, "we gots no money, honey." And so I said to him, "Hey, let's tour the U.S and play shows in several cities from here to Vegas and raise money along the way to pay for the travel and the ceremony!!!" Since he is a painter and I am a musician, and we are both broke ass bitches, we thought we'd call it THE BADASS & BAROQUE TOUR TO LAS VEGAS. SPunky name, huh?! ;-)

I have since joined a vocal contest, the winner of which gets $100,000. Yyyyup. With that money, I could hire the band for the tour (pay them a guaranteed fee so that it is not such a risk for them to take off from their regular life around here). Then I could call the venues and say, "Hey, Mr. Venue Owner. You don't know me, but I want to play there." To which Mr. Venue owner will say, "Yeah, but what's in it for me?!" And I'll say, "Well, glad you asked, Mr. Venue Owner. You see, I already have my moneys so you can take those ticket sales and donate them to charity... What kind of charity? Well, anything that supports ART IN EDUCATION - local agencies, schools, and organizations that work towards giving lil' uns access to the arts. This coolness creates a natural draw to the venue (on top of Badassness of the band and the tour!!" ;-). Why wouldn't they book us!? They'd get tax breaks and mighty fine PR in their city.

The way I see it, EVERYBODY WINS!! I get to go on a tour with my original band and get married in Vegas to my sweetie pie. My band gets paid to have a shit ton of fun traveling around the US playing music. WE ALL HAVE AN EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME! The venues make money and get great local attention; and cities get support for art programs for their peoples! Fuck yeah.


...SO.. why the heck NOT?!

First things is first -- we gotsta GET THAT PRIZE MONEY, MA HUNNY BUNNY!!!

So this is what I propose: I made a video of me singing an original song in a tree.....

Go to this link: www.veewall.com/vocals/video/shantaveewall

Enjoy it and Vote. You'll have to sign up with your email address (They need to know you exist before you can vote). Verify your email address and then you're good to go! You can sign in and vote ONCE A DAY UNTIL THE END OF APRIL! (But please don't vote from multiple email address, that would be cheating).

So far, I'm in the top 6% out of nearly 300 contestants.... We're alllmooost there! We need a big boost and lots more people to vote every day for the next two months! Please vote. Please share with your friends and ask them to vote.

Thank you!!!!!

♥ sp

Debut Album is Here: Painful/Beautiful

So my debut album is here and Oh! what a relief. It looks good. It wasn't as glossy as I thought it would be considering other things I've seen printed at Discmakers, but I like it. It looks retro.... The album was described as "classic" by two unrelated listeners at very different times. So I guess it looks and sounds Classic. I can go with that! Anyways, it is available at www.CDbaby.com/CD/ShantaPaloma and at a gazillion other online distribution sites. You know what I discovered? If you google "Shanta Paloma", the first 6 pages are exclusively about me... and then there is more, beyond. I have mixed feelings about this. I want to spend my time making music in various ways and in order to sustain that, I have to be a business. With the business comes promotion and marketing. I don't mind the work, but it becomes harder to sure-footedly know I am walking in purity and with integrity. Professional/Personal is the line I delicately watch..... I guess that with the A&R comes exposure. It's like the ray of sunshine that is peering through the blinds when you wake up - painful and beautiful at the same time.

Debut Album Coming Soon!!!

Sooooo... this has been a long time coming. I've recorded several demos, the best of them being in at Omni Sound and Sound Emporium in Nashville; and Stillwork in Holyoke. BUT, now I'm going to be a reeeeaaaal musician with her very own full length album! This album is like closure to me. I'm including the best songs from the past decade of my life! The oldest song on the track list is "Like A LIttle Girl (Yadadedai)" which I wrote when I was 20 years old, working for Greenpeace in New York City. It took me a while to even acknowledge it as a song because I thought it was way too simple. But a few years back, I played it for a friend who loved it and since then I've included it in sets. It became one of the more popular ones. Go figure. That song is only slightly older than Wake Up, Bittersweet Love which was written when I was 21 years old. Whew! The rest of the tracks were written in the next nine years until the very last one which is not even a year old....It is filled with passionate songs, philospohical songs, angry songs, sweet songs, sexy songs, playful songs and melancholy songs. The full spectrum, I suppose. Well, in any case... it is on it's way to you!