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Hey fans I will give you a free download today!! All that is ask is that u spread the new single to 3 facebook friends today and ask them to spread 3 post as well regardless download is free your support for real music is needed and I thank you for your support of "Goliath Monsignor"

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Mission! Please spread to 3 friends the new Goliath Monsignor single called (Slaughter) and please ask those 3 people to spread the song in the same manner. This will ensure a great release of the new album "Kill Radius coming 2012 thanks for your support.


Ako Mack brings back the critic acclaimed "Goliath Monsignor" The visual sci-fi horror created by the master himself has returned with (DAY 2) the sequel to his pre-release (DAY 1) which is the beginning to the concept series. The trailer for the new release is a masterful, interesting presentation done unlike any other hip hop artist you have seen or heard. It gives a feel of a blockbuster film which is pretty much consistent with the feel and emotion of the album series. If you do not have (GOLIATH MONSIGNOR DAY 1) I highly recommend that you grab a copy soon for this will allow you understand the series a bit more in depth. Day 2 will send you a lyrical roller coaster of the mind, there is nothing typical in comparison to this music, whether underground or mainstream. The release of this album is scheduled for release mid April or as soon as the beginning of May please your eyes and ears open and don't miss out on being few of the first to have your copy in hand visit today www.reverbnation.com/goliathmonsignor


Not since Gravediggaz has anyone pursued gothic/horror rap with such malodorous relish as Ako Mack, a.k.a. Goliath Monsignor, on The Killa Phenomenal "Day One." There aren't any rap-battle appointments on the calendar for Goliath, who draws strength from every murder and war, and counts cannibals like Jeffrey Dahmer among his warriors. Sample threat: "When the cup of calamity runneth over, Goliath will feed/No being will be safe/None will survive and no world will regerminate . . . in nine days man will submit to the will of Goliath or die." And if you're a ferret, you're still not off the hook ("This is not exclusive to man but all beings in existence"). Doom was never more hilarious, and you'll probably see "Your suffering will be legendary in hell" bumper stickers if Goliath gets his minions to form a street team