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Joined #musicforgood

I have so much clean water here in Canada, that I can flush my feces with it. While children in Africa are dying from lack of clean water. I also have so much electricity, that I can use Facebook, and watch movies online. However, there are 1.5 BILLION people who don't even have access to basic electricity to have lights on at night. Let's not mention the vast majority of the world still living in poverty, without access to even basic health care.

For this reason, I have joined with #musicforgood and will be donating 50% of all my song sales to World Vision. Please support this cause, and buy a few of my songs! Help improve the world! Together, we can eliminate poverty within one generation, if we are a bit less selfish and bit more emphatic. :)

p.s. I am very disappointed with ReverbNation's coders and executives. In order for me to sign up for this cause, I had to manually edit each one of my songs, one by one, to adjust a few settings, otherwise they couldn't be added to the cause. It is technically simple to make a "Select All" feature or something like it, but ReverbNation did not provide such a simple and basic tool. Really disappointing... :(

All the music is up!

I have uploaded my entire musical roster up on ReverbNation, it's all free and available for you folks to listen and enjoy, downloading is available as well. I hope my music brings you much joy and happiness. If money permits I'll write more songs down the road.