Is San Diego Hip-Hop A Hustle For Everyone But The Artist?????

Its very few rappers in San Diego making money off hip-hop and i feel lucky to be apart of that circle. I might not make the a whole lot of money but i at least get $500 - $1500 a month, not enough to feed my family and none of this money comes from performing in San Diego. So I'm trying to figure that part out, how do San Diego Artist get paid some type of money to perform in San Diego? I know its not going to come from the promoters, but it has to be some way you can get paid form somebody for all this hard work, because it takes a whole lot just to prepare and perform just a 20 minute set. As I find out the answers i will share them with y'all and if you know something I don't let me know..... Each 1 Teach 1

Can't We All Just Get Along

West Coast lets wake up quick before we all be out the hip-hop scene completely. Why is every West Coast artist tryna find somebody to beef wit? Everybody you beefin' wit nobody evere heard of and the people who are heard of never heard of you. Why every unknown producer want to charger for they beats? Only a desperate nigga is goin' to buy yo' shit, give some of yo' beats out to hot artist and get on the radar 1st. Why all these old ass rappers tryna compete wit the young rappers instead? Lace us we have a better chance than you do anyway, do some features unite the Coast show the nation we all can fuck wit each other and that yall know how to raise good talent instead of using our lyrics to make yall shit hot.

SMALLS UNO  (over 7 years ago)

I hope every west coast hip-hop artist reads this...its nothing but the truth,especially in San Diego.If your not gangbangin or sellin D nobodies gonna pay you attention.