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Well, yes, I still doing photography

muchaquios! I still shootting but as a secondary hobby! I´m busy busy busy to enter flickr competitons. But I got some photos you may like coming. Be sure to check fb daily stream. I post them there. Of course you can check my Flickr as always!!

Very Best, Alex

Entering Beatport Top 5: Hot.

Weeks ago I was surpresided at was I was looking on my device at beatportmobile. Another boring remix contest. Nauup. Miss Kittin was in there. Oh yes. I almost poo myself when listening to the vocal tracks in solo mode. I commented as much I could, onjoying it really, before subitting. So, to my surprise (or not so) on the first day I was #20. or some. Later on I went keep on moving up. So 3rd day on the position Nr. 6. Voting closes on 18th. Or less. I'm feeling quiet blessed. I wanna win (judge will decide), but if not, I am just very grateful of having worked on this. Pushing myseld beyond my limitations and get it through it.

So long, Alex!

Blog! moving on: myspace to reverbnation

Well, my friends. After weeks of waiting for Myspace to be able to access, I have been force to decide to move the Myspace Blog into reverbnation as I got tired of waiting and hoping the team fix the site. Getting a 404 error with a message saying 'go home' does not help at all, guys. . Who designed that? An uncomfortable eployee, a funny one? Anyway, RN is also giving up to myspace until they fix sync between both sites so, dears, ;) my stats from Myspace wont display here, neither, to my disgrace, all my blog entries. It's a pitty, I had such an amazing info compendium there made so dedicated. - By now, I will be blogging here. Hope to hear from you all.


Instagram and Twitter: The Good News!


I've decided to jump into Instagram. Yes. I just love the app and the content people share. If you are @ Instragram you can follow me here: http://instagram.com/alexisditullio Second good news, I also created an account @ Twitter: https://twitter.com/alexisditullio

hope to hear from all of you, Alex

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