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Getting ready if not all ready!

Getting ready for our pops show and to just simply be playing out in the music scene again. it has been about a month or so which is already much to long for us!

Progression at its best

Keith is becoming a monster behind the set! just three practices in and about to be a fourth and he has shown great growth and enthusiasm its going to be an exciting November!

New addition!

We are very excited for our new drummer, right now he's focused on learning our music, we will be back out playing music in no time!

New Stuff!

It has been a good month of music for us recently. We are currently working on new ideas and new jams to play live to make our sets more interesting and diverse. Seeing as we just got back from tour it has been hard to find the time to get together on a musical level and work things out, new ideas, new riffs, ect. but i think we are back in the saddle as far as we are concerned!