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End of the Year 2012

DISCHORDIANS!!! Happy Holidays from Castle Dischordia! We hope 2012 was as good to you as it was to us. We've had quite the ride this year. We successfully completed our first multi-state tour, signed with Metalution Management, played some amazing shows (including the famous Whisky a Go-Go in LA), and began recording our first full-length album with the amazing Raymond Herrera and Jeremy Blaire. 2013 is looking to be even bigger as we look to finish our album and hit the road next summer. We hope you continue to follow our progress as we spread our world domination. Make sure and "Like" us on Facebook (facebook.com/dischordiaband) and "Follow" us on Twitter (twitter.com/dischordiaband) if you haven't yet. Catch our last show of the year on December 28th at The Chameleon Room in OKC. We appreciate all your support! \,,/ \,,/ -DISCHORDIA

Tis' the season for METAL!

What's up Dischordians?!

Hope your respective hoiday celebrations are going well. We are still trying to digest the splurge of turkey day last week. Before we continue, we'd like to personally thank all the great fans we've been introduced to in the recent months on the Facebook, Reverbnation, and especially the Twitters. It's been great hearing the awesome feedback and meeting so many great lovers of metal. You guys and gals rock! Now... So what's new? Well, let's begin with how we are featured on Sick Drummer Magazine's Brutal Beatings IV compilation! There are many great bands on this FREE compilation but the one we are most excited about is a little band, maybe you've heard of them, called DEATH!!!!!!!!! F*** YEAH! This is the first of hopefully many more compilations and projects for us to branch out with. Check out this brutal compilation at the link below:


We got another great review just in time for turkey day last week from ThoughtsOfMetal.com, a really cool metal review and interview site. Many thanks for the kind words and amazing hype! Check out the link below:


As we mentioned in our last blog, December is a big month for shows. We are VERY excited to be playing the 3rd annual Christmas Conection Benefit show at The Roxy this Friday December, 2rd in OKC. There are a ton of great bands showcasing the best of OK metal and, most importantly, it's for a great cause. All proceeds and donations go to deserving families for the holidays. We play promptly at 10:00pm on the main stage. Doors are at 8 and there is a $10 donation. BE THERE! December 10th marks our return to the Tulsa metal scene for Heavy Holidays (Heavy Metal X-Mas) at The Eclipse. We are stoked to finally be playing with our boys from Koma Therapy. Shout out to Eric from KT for hooking us up with this show. All the information for the show can be found here:


Finally, December 16th is the long awaited show at our most frequented venue, McSalty's, with an awesome band from Georgia called This Hideous Strength. Let's show these boys what Oklahoma metal is all about. We will be selling tickets for this show at the benefit concert this Friday. Here's the info:


We have some more reviews and interviews in the works, so keep an eye out for those in the coming month(s), including a spread in Underexposed Magazine (http://www.underexposedmagazine.com) and an interview with Pure Grain Audio (http://www.puregrainaudio.com). Before we go, we'd like to thank the best media consultant on the net, Eric Burnet at Ricburn Media for always taking such great care of us. Also, a special thank you to TurBo, host of TurBo's Metal Meltdown - the sickest metal show in Oklahoma! We've been getting a lot of spins recently and we couldn't be happier! TurBo will also be hosting the Heavy Holidays show in Tulsa on the 10th. Check out the meltdown here:


Until next time, (shameless plug) keep up to date with all of our social sites by visiting http://onesheet.com/dischordia. Also, if you just woke up from a coma and haven't checked out our debut EP yet, check out what all the metal buzz is about by visiting http://Dischordia.bandcamp.com You can stream the full EP before purchasing the digital download. Lastly, we are a mere 80 "Likes" away from releasing our latest song to you FOR FREE!!!! Get those likes up by telling a friend and his/her mother today!

Until next time Dischordians,

"You wear your armor like a badge of honor..."

Review Hype!

*DISCLAIMER: So I know we said that this would be a weekly blog. However, since we have altered "Tag Tuesday" on FB and "Follow Friday" on the Tweets to "Tag/Follow when we get around to it," our blog will be in the same vein. That's just how we roll.*

What's up DISCHORDIANS?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are stoked to announce that we have been sailing the seas of metal since our last blog update! We've had some AMAZING reviews from many metalsites and metalzines around the net. The biggest ones I'd like to mention are from WeLoveMetal.com, AlternativeMatter.net, and DeathMetalBaboon.com. Kind words from some guys share the almighty word of metal! Check them out for yourself here:




Many thanks to the reviewers at these sites and, of course, our boy Eric at Ricburn Media for getting us the further reviews and airplay in Canada, Greece, and Austria! DISCHORDIA IS GLOBAL!!!

Beyond the great press and album reviews we've had some great developments in the live front. Following the hype around our big CD release show last October we have planned a big month of metal in December. Starting on the 2nd you can catch us, along with the best Oklahoma metal has to offer, at the 3rd Annual Christmas Connection Charity show at the Roxy in OKC. There are way too many bands to name but I'm going to anyway because that's how good they are :) We are excited to see:



This is a two day extravaganza of metal with all the proceeds going to help the less fortunate this coming holiday season. Donations of household goods will also be taken at the door. Bring on the love and metal!

Following this amazing show we are FINALLY making our way back to Tulsa to go rock out with our boys in KOMA THERAPY on December 10th at the Eclipse! We've been itching to rock Tulsa again and hook up with KT.

Lastly, we are also having a 2-3 show stint with an amazing metal band out of Georgia called This Hideous Strength. Check them out on FB and at McSalty's PIzza on December 16th in OKC. We are really excited to tear it up with these strapping young lads.

If awesome reviews and amazing upcoming shows weren't enough. We also recorded an brand new instrumental song titled "There Are No Words..." for YOU, our loyal DISCHORDIANS! There's only one small catch. All you need to do is spread the word about your favorite progressive death metal band to the rest of the interwebs. Once we hit 500 Likes on FB we will release the song to you FOR FREE! That's right! Who doesn't love FREE METAL??!!! At last count we were sitting comfortably at 369...let's do this. We already released a teaser video of us recording the song on the tubes. You can find it here:


I was thinking about holding off on this until our next blog post but we can play everyone's favorite game, "just the tip," to see how it feels. Currently, we are balls deep in pre-production for our first music video!!! We look forward to making the video once we find the time between all the metal next month. How did it feel? You alright? Good, great grand!

In closing, remember: Music has an amazing healing and bonding power between people. Metal only intensifies it.

Until next time Dischordians...

P.S. Get those likes up!

Blog Hype!

What's up Dischordia fans?! Hmm, what to call you...Dischordians? Dischordianites? How about fans of the greatest Progressive Death Metal band in OKC? That work? Cool.

Welcome to our first blog post! We set this up to give you an in-depth source for everything Dischordia. We hope this proves to be helpful to you.

So what's going on? Well, thanks to our media consultant at RicBurn Media we have been getting some great press coverage for our debut EP "Creator, Destroyer," including some radio play in the States and across Canada! Big shout-outs to Le KAMA (Keep All Metal Alive) Show; Metalcast - The Ultimate Metal Podcast Show; Vinland Radio; and, of course, our man TurBo at Turbo's Metal Meltdown for spreading the Metal!

So far, we've had some awesome reviews of our EP from No Clean Singing, Hatred Means War, and Whiplasher Metalzine. Here are the links:

http://www.nocleansinging.com/2011/10/17/rollercoaster-part-2/ http://extrememetalzine.blogspot.com/2011/10/dischordiacreator-destroyer2011-cd.html http://www.the-whiplasher.at/cd-reviews/cd-reviews/1241-dischordia-creator-destroyer

We also had the opportunity to explain the origin of our title track from the EP as a feature in AntiMusic's "Singled Out" interview. Check it out:


So, as you can see things are moving along pretty steadily. We only see bigger and better things in the future. We have some exciting news and surprises coming soon, including a few huge shows and new music coming your way! We welcome your feedback on everything we do. We want to connect with our fans as much as possible. Hit us up anytime on our sites to talk everything metal!

Finally, here is our shameless promotion of the night. You can hear tracks from our EP on all our social sites (FB, Reverbnation, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube) and digital copies can be purchased at:


That's all for now. Check back later for the latest on your favorite Progressive Death Metal Band, DISCHORDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!