Lazarus Silvers has played music all his life.His mother was a singer, actor and early radio personality and gave him voice and music lessons while he was learning to play guitar and real old time family circle type music from his dad since the age of 5. His dad hung and played with friends like Marty Robbins, Roy Clark, Buck Owens and many others. At 7 his dad brought home a viola at Lazarus’ request. He then learned to play the bugle and trumpet. With music in their blood, his half sister Carolyn Ann Blankenship, known as Gus Hardin, was an amazing Country singer/songwriter. Lazarus sang and played in all the usual venues as a kid, at churches, schools, fairs, etc., and jammed in many local bands. Lazarus pissed off the wrong people at 18 and was left hung out to dry (Literally left hanging from a tree, till dead.) Well, he got better! He received such damage to his throat that it paralyzed one side of his face for a time and was written up in the medical journals. Then Dr. Silvers (not yet a doctor) had an industrial accident, falling 9 stories (120 feet) to his death (Yes, and again he got better, and again with the medical journals). Not to mention what it did to the rest of his body (leaving him a paraplegic and other fun stuff), his left arm was rendered pretty much useless. His left forearm was smashed to hell, leaving no elbow, and no supination or rotation of the arm. And both wrists were rebuilt. Having to re-learn to write with his other hand, it left guitar stylings pretty thin. Silvers found Mars Lasso while Lazarus was still a paraplegic. Being of like minds they began writing together. Poems, stories, nonsense, etc. Then after the removal of much metal hardware, a bone chip from his ribs was found in his spine from the original accident and deemed the reason and causation of his paralysis. After the removal of the chip he regained movement and started to walk again. Then he lost his right leg (well, he didn't exactly "lose" it) due to a pressure sore from his leg braces. You are probably starting to see a thread of irony so thick running through Lazarus' life that you could weave a rug with it. Or tie someone up. Lazarus Silvers fronted some hardcore Metal bands that did well, but health issues always fucked things up. Hemingway Christ was founded in the 1990's. Now just Lazarus and an eclectic group of his minions, look in 2014 for the release of Hemingway Christ's new acoustic album, "THE SON ALSO RISES". Obviously paying heavy for some past karmic schtick (You're probably thinking, "What, was this guy Hitler in his past life?" Don't know, but he is related to some historically fucked up people.), Lazarus Silvers writes because he has to, not because he wants to. On a lighter note, Lazarus fell again on December 8, 2009. Going down his son’s wheelchair ramp, his son’s chair caught some ice (In Cali!) and Lazarus went flying. His son, Hunter Tanyon, is fine but Silvers broke a bunch of stuff up again (Never broke the back as high as T7 before! A new high!). He is getting better at home now and went back into the studio on Sunday, January 31st, 2010. So, no worries. Lazarus says they’re not going to drag him off to Hell just yet . He said when it is time for him to go back it will be with emissaries and escorts. Right now he is concentrating on the acoustic album and still recruiting musicians. UPDATE: Lazarus had three major surgeries in July of 2010. Then he was diagnosed with severe R.A. at the end of 2010 and he is now being treated for Hep C with Interferon injections and has developed a form of COPD, Bronchiectstasis. He is back in a wheelchair because of the R.A. In between bouts Lazarus is back to concentrating on the acoustic album. JAN 2014 UPDATE: Lazarus is back in the studio and now working with guitarist Chas Evans on "THE SON ALSO RISES". He is walking again after three years and is looking forward to releasing Hemingway Christ's long awaited acoustic album. ~Branillio Brax