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What is a dream without hope?

It all starts with an idea. A fragment of a thought to do something not entirely unimaginable, not entirely impossible; but something you know will be unstoppable if given the chance. To have hope.

"The general feeling that some desire will be fulfilled."

Is one of the most amazing qualities I feel a human can have besides dreaming.

Now what is dreaming? Two different aspects of the mind coming together to give life to hope...

"Imaginative thoughts indulged in while awake." "A series of mental images and emotions occurring during sleep."

Everyone dreams of something. Whether it's awake or in sleep.Whether it's something you would blush at if said aloud ;) Or something as innocent as flying. Or I dare say..something as ambitious as breaking into the industry as a new band. If we put our hopes and dreams together and turn them into a reality, I think that's the common goal with musicians everywhere.

With Lawless Hearts though, innovation is needed more than imitation, and our dream is to not stay in the past with our music but bring forth together our classic and new age appreciation to make something completely our own, and wholly satisfying.

All I'm saying is, you can't dream without hope, and you can't hope for something without dreaming up something bigger than yourself. After all a song always starts with an idea, a moment of clarity in all the chaos.

With that said friends, I'm signing off. Until next time...Happy Independence Day!

Have hope...and dream on. ~Alex Marie