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Goodbye, Hello Again!

So, this will not be as entertaining as some of our previous posts, but it'll do:)

We recently said goodbye to our dear friends and talented band mates Andrew and Rachel. They will be missed. We only teared up a little the day they drove away, but I know personally my life will never be the same. They taught me a lot and I'll never be able to repay them for all the time and effort they dedicated to this project. The little success we have had is a direct result of their hard work and dedication. They weren't just members, they were instrumental in creating a sound we became very proud of. There was some crying, some yelling, way too much drinking too much, but in the end it was the right formula for us.

Good luck my friends! I hope you never forget that I still need you to write down your parts so I can replace the hell out of y'all!

So, Madisons are auditioning new members! This is both terrifying and exciting. We have a chance to try and do something new, but there's also a possibility we'll never return to form. Fuck it though, beats mowin the lawn.

We have 3 shows in August, one of which I'll be playing solo in Oregon. The other two shows will be right here in Austin. Go to our calendar so you can mark yours accordingly please;)

After that, we'll be ironing out the kinks in our new band most of September and will hopefully start a regional press campaign to release our new album, which is finished! Artwork is coming along still, but Sergio is a busy man!

On a side note, our tour was a smashing success! It's been difficult to return to the life of a mortal, but at least for 9 days we got a little taste of the good life, the rock n roll life! Stay tuned to the blog for a bigger story on that in the future.

All in all, we're still breathin, movin along, and bettin ready to run like hell!

Thanks for all the support everyone! Hope to see ya at a show!


Andrew covers SXSW - Part II


Sometimes, I want out. I enrolled in community college this summer, to go back to major in PRACTICAL COLLEGE DEGREE. I am still yet to register and doubt I will, not right now anyway. So here I am.

Without going into the gory details, Madisons has impacted me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. We’ve made some beautiful noise. We’ve done some dumbass stuff. I’ve met some really cool people who will never leave my heart. Also, I’ve burned some bridges. Profound impact? Yes, and not all of it good… but sometimes, great. Last night, at SXSW, was one of the great moments. It made me think: stick around, dude, one more tour, another show, another album.

If one of my composition students had written the above, back when I had students, I would probably scribble into the margin: “Where’s your thesis?” If one of my creative writing students wrote it, I might ask what lends this piece unity? I can’t answer those questions, but I guess this is a letter to the band, and to our fans (again: hi, Chris! Hi, Sal!, hey, Cara!), that I guess I’m not doing much else for a little while longer, so why not this?

Sorry for the intimate, gushy post. I know, I know, there's not much SXSW coverage here, and I ought to just print this out and glue it into a diary or something. Next time I’ll write about, I don’t know, say, the closing down of clubs downtown, the movement of the scene over to the east side, the impact of the GOP Primary on local music, something lofty, heady, relevant. Until then,


Andrew covers SXSW - Part I

“Music is my savior… but I was maimed by rock and roll.” -Jeff Tweedy

Dom asked me to write this week’s blog post. In my past life (read: prior to this year), I thought of myself primarily as a writer, but I haven’t written much lately, and that’s as good a reason as any to take a jab at a blog, complete with epigraph and all. Sorry if this is a little too personal, but I'm going to use this space to work some things out on paper, as "writers" are wont to do, and since we're still feeling out this whole band blog thing, I'm just going to go for it.

I try to go easy on myself for not writing, for walking away from my novel. To be honest, I don’t do much of anything but music lately. Madisons has sort of taken over my life, taken up my time, and energy and focus, and I don’t always know how I feel about that. I think a lot of us in the band feel that way. We love this shit, but it’s a lot of work, it takes a toll, it really gets into your head. And we aren’t even a “real” band.

But last night, during our set at Betsy’s Bar, Madisons did feel like a real band. Delusions, maybe, probably, but I do know we had eight (count ‘em, EIGHT!) talented people up on stage and we were just blasting. We were killing. We had our few loyal friends (shout out to Chris and Sal, Cara and Jerm, Kristen, friends and fam), but what was exciting was the people we didn’t know. We turned heads at the bar. We packed the place with passers-by who heard us and came in off the street. People aren’t usually so open to checking out new bands, but SXSW has been going on, so right now it’s in vogue or whatever.

SXSW has got me thinking about being a musician. It’s Sunday now, and the last of the showcases are going down. The Cult is going to close down Auditorium Shores this evening and then the street crews will come through and clean up our plastic bottles and cigarette butts and torn wristbands. Even before they finish handing out music awards tonight, the media’s proverbial “swarm of musicians” that has kindly and hopefully descended on Austin will have already begun dispersing back to their respective local music scenes where many of them will leave the bustling obscurity of SXSW for the lonelier obscurity of their hometowns. It’s no different for Madisons, for the live music capital of the world. I’ve been around enough ATX bars to know there are just as many bands playing to empty bar stools in here as anywhere.

That’s just the way it is. No one makes us do it. We choose to. Or, sometimes, we choose not to do something else, or much else, or in my case right now, anything else. We hang around. We play shows and pass out CDs. Sometimes it’s great. Other times, excuse my melodrama, it really hurts my soul. Like Dom said in the last blog post, we put a lot into this. Sometimes I don’t know what I’m getting back out of it. Great friends, for sure, the feeling of accomplishment—but that feeling’s fleeting. Sometimes I’ll be breaking down my rig at the end of the night, and the turnout might have been poor, or maybe I just wasn’t feeling it, and I’m on some continuum between buzzed and tragically drunk, and I’ll just feel like, “What am I doing? Is this all there is? Am I really choosing this as my life?" Then a few nights later I go and do it again.

The choices we make. In my experience, a lot of them are more circumstantial than we think. They’re not turning points so much as sustained patterns of behavior. If you’d have told me last year that I would spend the next year with the same group of people four, five or more nights a week trying to collaborate on the same project, any project!, I would have called you crazy. I was a serious writer, temporarily legitimized by way of academia, and I thought this band stuff, this taking it seriously, was behind me. But here I am.


Why a blog you ask?

Because we suck at Twitter mostly.

If you're following us, or worse yet, know us personally, then you already know we're TERRIBLE at marketing ourselves. We're not good at promoting shows, or even booking them, but we make some pretty good music.

We started out making songs for ourselves and slowly got better at it (in our opinion). The plan is, and always has been, just to make something we would be proud to show our friends and family, but ultimately we'd like to impress ourselves. All of us are kind of weirded out by the idea that only big time rockstars with the Clear Channel get to make music, especially when some of our favorite artists rarely get radio play.

This isn't our life. Most of us have very time consuming jobs and families. Rest assured, we are not delusional. However, we do work very hard at this and have had a lot of fun making music we all enjoy.

Our biggest dilemma is creating this band and being scared that everyone thinks we are wanna-be rockstars. We don't have the heart to leave up a bio (we hate bios). We are very insecure about sharing any of this at all. But, if we're gonna do this, we might as well do it right.

We've been very lucky that some things have gone well for us (the album is coming along great)! Some things have been harder, but stuff happens. We're still terrified by the whole booking shows process but it bothers us less and less. To date we've had 10 people quit the band, but that's the way it goes.

We are complete DIY. We have 1 tuner for the whole band, but we manage; we're scrappy!

We hope you guys enjoy what you hear and we plan on doing this as long as we reasonably can. We're not making a ton of money, but we're having a lot of fun! That's plenty!

Thanks for reading,