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Beat Obama at his own game

Beat them at their own game just don't go to the healthcare web site. Do not sign up. Do not give them your personal info. I ask you, why should you pay 6+ thousand dollars a year for an 8 thousand dollar deductible policy that you can not afford? That's 14 thousand dollars that will be out of pocket before you get 1 dime from the insurance company each year. Instead pay cash for your Dr. visits until you have a catastrophic condition develop then get insurance. That way you are only out a deductible & a few months payments. The penalty is small each year so that will be much cheaper still unless you are very rich, but then you could afford it!. I can't see any young to middle age person on average going to the Dr. 8 thousand dollars worth every year unless they are extremely unhealthy. Even if you are a sickly person that much payments & deductible is a lot of Dr. each year. Think about it!

Jimi Earl
Jimi Earl  (about 1 year ago)

Thanks, but no thanks

Radio air play

Hey gang here is a link to Cool Country radio WCPR 88.1 FM Charleston WV They are playing great Indie country music along with mainstream country music. You can hear some of my music here as well as a bunch of other great independent artist. Tune in & check it out. http://www.krykey.com/Radio/PRSPage.aspx?id=4573

What's up

For all of you out their wondering what Obama has in mind for you? Here are some thoughts. During a speech some years ago to the unions before he was a politician, he said that in order to achieve his vision for the country he would need a police type force that was funded at the same level as the military here inside the country. Fast forward to now. He is arming & funding the homeland security force almost to the military level. Now it isn't rocket science to see that we are & have been on the path to socialism for a long time. It's not a democrat or republican thing it's an outside force that is in control. We are being fed & have been fed BS for many years. I can't say it any clearer then your government is not what you think it is. It's a ruse! The next question is of course the most important one. What or who is in charge? For me it's an easy question but for most it is un-acceptable to consider the obvious alternative. Well here is an undeniable reality. Their is now proven archeological evidence of an unknown civilization living on earth in Turkey over 12,000yrs ago. (Back then we were supposed to be in the hunter/gatherer's!) They built large stone buildings & monuments with intricate rock carvings long before the emergence of any societies capable of building such places. We were small groups of hunter gatherers then for gods sake? Now they will try to explain it away as primitive people doing extraordinary things with no tools or abilities we just don't know how or why yet! The narrative will go un challenged and we will be kept in the dark like good little mushrooms eating the BS!

My Thoughts on the subject are varied. But here's a possibility for you. Suppose our ancestors long ago developed higher technology's & the ability to travel into space? Suppose they still live here & share this planet with us. Suppose they have been hiding in plain view by just refusing to acknowledge they exist. Suppose UFO's are real. The possibility is that we could have a very advanced society living among us that has chosen to stay very well hidden and they could be the ones that are in charge. They could be the gate keepers making the rules. We could be slaves that do the work but don't know it! I know, you now think I'm crazy. Are you that sure? You got a better answer as to why Obama hasn't been impeached yet? Or haven't you noticed that he & others have openly committed multiple crimes that are impeachable! cunsong, Carl

Radio interview

Hey gang, I am going to be interviewed Tomorrow (Thursday 10/25/2012) by Bob Williams on http://kkrp1610.caster.fm/ internet radio. I will be on at 6:00am Pacific time 8:00 CT. Join Bob & my self for a live interview along with a little music & a story or two. I appreciate KKRP AM 1610’s interest in my music & invite all who like & support independent artiest like myself to join us. I will be sharing the story of how “Just a Piece of Cloth” wound up a song. It’s an interesting story about my family.


I wrote this in an effort to cast light on this presidents activities & how I feel about them! "Ode to Obama" http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/13541875

Is this is a bad dream or WHAT?

We now have one of our nut cases in Afghanistan let go on innocent people. This idiot has made us look like we are just as bad as any other terrorist! I can’t think of anything more heinous then busting down some ones door and shooting them while their sleeping when you are supposed to be their protector! This one guy has done more in this one act to help bring on a world war then any thing else We have done lately. If this guy is truly an American and not Muslim American then you better speak out and condemn this act by one of our own idiot shit brained people or we will be just like the others and no better justified! This song gets more and more true! “The End Times” http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_10381143

Because of David

I wrote this song for people like David who never find love and companionship. Most never have someone to share their emotions and life experiences with. David endured this emptiness without complaint. I have known others that had so much more then he but complained that it was not enough. We can all learn from his life and death. I have learned that life is a gift that is to be cherished but death is a release from suffering that for some can also be a gift. David loved life and all of gods creatures but he longed to be free from his internal torment! We all must face death but it is how we face it that counts. David is at piece now and I can be sure of one thing. God loved him because he never harbored hate in his heart even when facing death multiple times.

The song was a way for me to express the feelings he never had the opportunity to share with a wife and companion outside of his family. I never told him why I wrote it because it may have upset his balance! But now I can tell the world that people with mental illness long to love and cherish life just like you & me! It’s called “Let it be My Turn” http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_11192493 As parents and family we could only fill part of this void. Everyone needs someone else to love and care for other then family! Most mentally ill people are shunned and abandoned even by their family’s for of a verity of reasons but chief among them is a misunderstanding of the disease. If this song can bring understanding to other family’s who have a loved one that is mentally ill then David’s life will have had meaning as the inspiration!

J-C  (about 5 years ago)

beautifully written piece there man....

Chew on this

Their is something going on nobody is talking about! It would appear to me that Harry R. is the originator of all bills that actually get voted on in the Senate. After which they pass it to the house (on a big deadline rush) for an up or down vote! Now the problem with this is that bills are by law (in the Constitution) supposed to originate from the house not the Senate! The reason for this is so we can (we meaning “the people” that’s us) have a say in what gets voted on. That’s important because most of what they want to pass would never make out of committee in the house today, their for it would not get to the Senate for a vote! “Clue” They don’t want us to know what their putting into these bills!! What’s even more disturbing to me is the news media is mute on this issue? Even Rush L. & Hannity fail to point this out! No it’s just overlooked, but the truth is, it’s how they are getting around the house and still get the agenda passed under our nose’s and in our face’s. This is criminal and requires the house leadership to be complicit or it wood not be happening!!! This is the best evidence we have to show that both party leaderships are colluding to screw the American people!!! Just my opinion. cunsong,Carl

Occupy this

It seems to me that the liberals have decided to let the OWS types get away with just about any thing. Then promote this bunch of losers as representing a mass disapproval of conservative values and a hatred for freedom in America. This is ridicules of Corse. I think we should round them all up and let them occupy a jail cell then vote any politician that supported this attack on freedom OUT!!!!!

cunsong, Carl