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She's smilling to me with unknown expression I feels like the storm came into my brain That's the moment I cant leave Even if it's my own dream, surely I will die Let this feeling go I want it never comes again That u always in my mind, its damn true (is that true?) And I realized, damn, its true! I open my eyes and I just can see nothing There's no more space on my memory (Song n Lyrics by: CIZ)

My Girl lyrics

Songs by: Habel and Ciz, Lyrics by Ciz Accoustic performance: Guitars n Vocals by Ciz on Kamar kost ----------------------------------------------------- Hari yang indah menanti diriku Tersadar aku menunggu saat itu Saat ku bisa memilikimu seutuhnya Dalam ikatan cinta terindah Terasa cerah sinar hatiku Saat kuberada didekatmu And I can imagine, you will be my girl with me forever Dan kuberjanji suatu saat nanti Ku akan menjaga cinta ini And I can imagine, you will be my girl and I'll keep u In my heart Mencoba bersabar, menanti dirimu

Not Anymore Lyrics

Songs and Lyrics by John Mario Arrangement: My Other Vehicle girl... i thought that u really really love me hey girl... why did u do this to me ? u make me feel suffocated i can't sleep tight, i cant think straight can u feel it too ? chorus: go away go away from my way u only make me feel frustrated yes i can live i can live without you coz ur not my everything i can stand i can stand i will be strong to face all of this shit reality no more tears no more pain coz i'm not ur stupid toy anymore i... i should have listen to my friend they said that u just playing with my heart u tear it n jabbed it deeply but i know n i'm sure that one day u will feel it too lie to me n tell me that u'll be there for me now i'm all alone but it's ok