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'Westward Ho! Tour' recap-

'Westward Ho! Tour' recap-

Countless new friends 3,212 long miles 12 awesome bands 11 long days 9 rockin' shows 7 dirty Hobos 5 new States 1 swanky hotel room 1 smooth runnin' Boxcar and no Hobos left behind!

Thanks again to everyone that helped us make the tour a success!

Hectic Hobo - Live at KRFC

Fellow Hobos, we have a special treat for you all: the tracks from our recent live performance on KRFC in Fort Collins are available for FREE download at our bandcamp site, http://hectichobo.bandcamp.com/ This includes a live performance of "Drive me to Drinkin'", a new song from our forthcoming album, as well as a full band performance of "Easy Way Out", from our first album!

Sounds From The Lounge

Thanks to KCPW for inviting us to play their Sounds From The Lounge series. They filmed the whole thing and will be releasing it shortly onto their blog. It's like NPR's Tiny Desk Concert, and it was a lot of fun to play.

2013: Year of the Hobo

Snow. It has swept across the length of the Salt Lake valley, blanketing all in its unyielding freezing whiteness. But Hectic Hobo is not dissuaded. No, we are loading up The Boxcar and making our way across the state despite the weather, eager to bring our Hobo rock to the freezing masses. For we have decreed 2013 as the Year of the Hobo, and with the help of all our incredible fans, so it shall be.

Fall State of the Hobo Address

Fall has been a busier time than ever for the Hobos! As we gaze out from our boxcar home, our eyes are ever fixed on the future. And what does that future contain, you ask? Hobo music from sea to shining sea. We'll be playing some new venues in the coming months, returning triumphantly to Wyoming and Colorado, and teaming up with 2 other Utah gypsy bands to put together the mother of all shows. We have decreed that 2013 shall be the year of the Hobo, and we are laying the groundwork for that now. Come bask in the glorious Hobo future.

Hobo Rock don't stop!

Fall is closing in on us, yet Hectic Hobo continues to chug along like a locomotive! We'll be rocking around Utah, as well as making our first trip to Idaho (to rock it like a transient hurricane, as Hasen eloquently put it) and returning to Wyoming and Colorado. We have more shows than you can shake a bindle stick at, and we hope to see you all out there celebrating with us!

2012 Wild West Tour Statistics

Miles covered: 1150 (approx) Motorcycles acquired: 1 Elephants ridden: 1 Horses present at Laramie show: 2 Flat Tires: 1 Van Breakdowns: 1 Average MPH of van after breakdown: 30 mph Repair time in Laramie: 10.5 hours Number of times Hasen remembered who wrote "Valerie Loves Me": 0 Number of Renaissance Faires attended: 1 Amount paid to enter said Renaissance Faire: 0 dollars (smooth talking, Hasen!) Number of estate sales attended: 1 Number of guitar strings broken: 2 Number of times Hasen inadvertently threatened to stalk a waitress: 1 Number of bars played: 3 Number of libraries played: 1 Number of delicious sandwiches purchased in Dinosaur, Colorado: 2 Number of shirts worn by Hasen during the tour: 2 Number of houses crashed at during the tour: 4 Average hours of sleep per night per band member: 4 Average number of drinks per night per band member: 5 Average number of drinks at Naggy McGee's per band member: 387 (approx) Average number of meals per day per band member: 1.5 Number of things thrown at Hasen by Todd at Naggy McGee's: 3 Best overheard quote: "For a band from Salt Lake, they rock REALLY hard!" Best question: “Are you guys really hobos?”

Bound for Glory (Laramie)

The tour sendoff at The Dawg Pound was a blast! Had a great time playing with the Sex Wax Surfers and MiNX (https://www.reverbnation.com/artist/control_room/1528161#!/minxduo)

The Hobos' next stop is The Buckhorn Bar in Laramie! Watch out, Wyoming, we're comin' atcha!

Hobos Hit the Road!

Hectic Hobo is kicking off their Western tour! Come see us off at the Dawg Pound, or catch us on the road! We'll have the new album, and maybe some shirts as well. There is also the possibility of a limited quantity of Dr. Hasen's Sure Fire Cure All. Gets rid of warts, hangovers, rat infestations and heartburn!

Mickey Mouse

Thanks for your help, kiddos. We're going to Disneyland.