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Rust N' Dust is a documentation of two different bands touring twice in one year together spreading messages of Anarchy & Unity and most especially, in the case of individuality, from Dust Angel's enigmatic vocalist Madame St. Beatrice. Both bands share every band musician but the singer. Paul Cripple is using a singer that doesn't quite fit "the norm" of what a heavy and hard rock singer should be and he uses his new band Dust Angel to showcase all the new material he has amassed for one final Reagan Youth record, along with brand new songs to make Dust Angel and Reagan Youth give complete performance that stand up against each other. Well here's the bands making their way throughout middle America and the south western part of the U.S. as wisdom is imparting and much valuable experiences are gained for the souls of life.


Read my latest blog about how long it’s been taking me to put out some new songs and the journey behind it all. Copy+Paste: http://paulcripple.blogspot.com/2013/08/songs-taking-way-too-longand-why-it-is.html


There’s nothing more greater than something created by one’s own will, like a song, without the folly of the ego trip. New blog coming your way soon.


Made some recordings of new Reagan Youth songs, gonna take time but the basic tracks are done and once the bass is laid it’s time to record the vocals and that’s going to be some interesting stuff. If Dave taught me anything it better be an incomplete if it’s not going to be an A+.

-Paul Cripple

Old Reagan Youth Recordings

Came across some real original Reagan Youth recordings from back in ‘81 with the original four. I’ll share a taste of it sometime soon. “Ace of Spades” came out and Reagan Youth had to cover it right away. Found a live recording of us covering Motorhead with future Reagan Youth bass dropout/guitar virtuoso Vic Venom. I’ll share a taste of the real ol’ 1980s amazing finds soon. Have patience!

-Paul Cripple


“In The Beginning” is a song that Dave Insurgent (original singer of Reagan Youth) and I were going to use for our next band after Reagan Youth called House Of God. We eventually wrote a few more songs that you could listen to on Soundcloud. Reagan Youth exposed the bullshit of American politics as youngsters and now as grown man we were set to expose the bullshit of organized religion with House of God. We only played four shows and only had an unmixed demo show for it as things did not work out. So why don’t you give House of God a listen and see if you could hear how the best was yet to come www.soundcloud.com/PaulCrotona



If you want a Reagan Youth merch get it directly from us via Interpunk log onto http://reagan-youth.com/


I'd like to thank Tibbie X, Nico, Danny Noest, Mike "Thunderkicks" Sabatino and Madame St. Beatrice for helping the band put up an official website. Now the website is simple and direct but it will grow to be more informative as we keep on keepin' on. -Paul Cripple http://reagan-youth.com/


IF anyone out there needs to contact Reagan Youth concerning a gig, tour, press, merch, or whatever, please contact us at REAGANYOUTHNYC@GMAIL.COM Thank you, -Paul "Cripple" Bakija .