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trying to get myself together

Its been 2 months since i lost the father of my child my best friend, my everything. I feel torn then 7 months prior to that my mother died. I try everyday to keep my dream alive. Being mother fot my daughter is #1 priority in my life. Music is always a big huge factor and im never giving that up. Im working on my mix tape "life is so damn hard" its been in the works for awhile but my life so hard its taking time. If your a fan i want you to know who i am through my songs. I am a songwtiter i tell you stories i express how i feel, always keeps it real. I keep my faity in god to give me strength to make it down the right path. I worry bout my daughter and i future everyday. I feel in my heart i been through this must shit. We gonna make it. And i also hope you believe in us as well. More stories to come mixed tape out soon. Keep a look out!!!!! #believe

different date

due to some misunderstandings and scheduling issues the show will be moved to the date feburary 23rd so no performance january 12th tomorrow. but make sure to still come join. its going down feb.23 for sure

production problems

If you are a fan of my music, i am truly sorry for the long wait. Im so anticipated to bring you new lyric better quality of music... I have written new material, but not having a computer and mic at the moment is making hard for me. But I'm still not giving up on this dream. I have to much to say to be hidden from tgis world. And I'm gonna bring it sure nuff.... Just got to get things situated so i can be more focused and have everything established. So please dont stop being a fan. Patience is a virtue and well dammit.... I'm worth the wait ;) keep a look out. Thanx again to my fans 3. Also hit me up in twitter and facebook

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I Really made this page to show of my writing skills... I want people to listen to my lyrics and understand how truthful i am with my words and emotions... i basically write how I feel, what i go through or what i see others go through and i'm very lyrical when its to music... it's poetry the first love of mine and I want someone to check out and see that i have a real natural talent for writing.