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June '2014

June '2014 - The band has been hanging back working as many nights a week as they can on a brand new set of music. Already half the new album is recorded at the legendary Seattle studio "Soundhouse"; the group has the complete writings together and are scheduled to head back for the final takes in July. The group after releasing the album "Wild Heart" in '2013 felt it was time to focus on new tunes as the songs in the album Wild Heart they had been playing for some time as the group evolved with changing musicians. With the band members a solid entity now, it is time they stretch their musical capabilities and bring a new era into of music into their catalog. The group is working hard to get the new album released in '2014.

'2012 Start it fresh

Halcion Halo had a great time all through '2011.. So many memorable moments at so many northwest venues! We are encouraged and looking forward to '2012 and can't wait to release an album this year... We've got people kicking in tools and support and we have already built the major layout of the CD... Artwork is getting defined, some custom special packaging is being conceived and starting production for a small quantity that will be given out to those of you that have been there for us from the beginning! We are working to put only KILLER shows together this year because having a good time is all that matters to us. We want you to be as happy about coming out to see a show as we are to play it and keeping that up is very important to us. We think the new music on that most will be first played live at our CD release party in May is going to only add to our shows being a big party and believe you are going to love the final recordings of songs that have been a staple of our show for the last year like "Wild Heart Tonight" and "All My Demons"... The album will only be a way to take the party home with you and have all this dirty sexy music get to be a part of your day life... We look forward to booking back with some of the best Northwest Talent out there like The Missionary Position and Ape Machine again so we can continue to make every night out with us a night to never forget. I found ourselves starting to look at the artwork for the first HH t-shirts, hoodies and of course women's panties... We would be doing ourselves a disservice if we didn't make the panties! So stay tune, keep track, we will be bringing it more and more as time progresses! -Jenson Charnell (HH)