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WANTED: Lust Boys tear up the Calgary Stampede!!

To all our friends in Calgary, Lust Boys Will be in town on the following dates: Friday July 6th we are 2nd band on at Studio 37....then we drive 5 minutes down the road to below deck tavern and headline the show there as well - that's right two shows on the same night.

The next day Saturday July 7th we play @ blind beggars pub, and Sunday July 8th we play @ the Distillery.

Hope to see u out!


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All our sleazy fans out there!

We are going to be playing Metropolis coming up next month, Nov 4th with Cocaine Mustache and Lesbian Fist Magnet... Friday night, downtown Vic, Good times await!!!

Studio Info

with a few sessions in the studio to hammer out the final product, our album "Neon Nights" and its single "Public Washroom" should be here soon!!!

keep an eye out for any updates

and don't forget dudes and dudettes.... keep it sleazy

Countdown to ROCK

Angel Down and Stampede Queen will be ripping up the cambie on AUGUST 25th at the Cambie, joined by the sleaze kings of Victoria, your very own LUST BOYS!!!

Don't miss out on this night, updates about more shows are on there way...

and as "Neon Nights" approaches it's final stages you'll soon get to hear all the sleaze filled tracks we've been workin' on

fucken eh, till next time


Today's Sleaze Stain

Alrighty dudes and dudettes

We're powering through the studio right now, hopefully "Neon Nights" will be on its way very soon

on another sleazy note, playing with the epic Kobra and the Lotus this month!!! Gonna be one hell of a night!

signin' off