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Everyday is another waking into a new realm of living. Time & space are only a matter of organization and infact I have deciphered the patterns preemptively placed within humans at birth. Figuring out my reality is the only true one that which is molded to my every action. These things going on around us; people and their words, energy and it's expression -It all works on a familiar basis because I myself created everything around me. It's almost as if any way I put my logic it fits all levels of complexity. In my world, the one formed by me, I am God. The objectives, matter, feeling, miracles, and even existence are controlled and shaped around the energy inhabiting my human capsule, projected and reflected onto external dimensions that I am in contact with at all times. My thinking is rejected only because on the inside I allow it to be and force myself into opposing forces to strengthen my facts and unlock more sects or dimensions to manifest greater power. Limitation is fiction and restriction is it's author, belief is the key to surpassing all marauders. Imposible, no not, can't and won't -are words taught to oppress others from acheiving their full potential. -I am not here to write a bible, or try to persuade anybody. You entered my web of thoughts, I'm just making the connection. Call it what you may, this is no religion. I want to lead those lost into self-realization.

Ask Yourself.

The outer elements contributing to earth's bloom are developing cognitive alleviation in a time of need. Love is allusive, spoken casually about as at the same time neglected in the places needed most. These places are those "demons" inside that drive you into the distant frenzy of oppositma. When one lives opposite of how they really want to. . . The pull toward apposition resembles the core of a being; the temporary being resembled by its face and actions, fear and feelings. . Ask yourself. Am I Integrated With My Inner Being? Am I In Touch With The Shield Around Me? Do I Operate On Love? .. Becoming sole-efficient is an allowance not only to you, but also those around you.

Earth has become a single spaceship.

A man sits down for dinner in a solemn room set with few candles. Religious and military thoughts sit with him, battling for righteousness in the mind of moral uncertainty. The man seems to have lost control. It was his own reality that took him, manipulating the outside functioning to seem rather strange to most. It's apparent now that the main cause this evening is in fact the brain of the once obedient gentleman. For now he is no longer in a struggle within. There is no fighting the resistance in the back of his conscious. Torn by two things that could never fit together, DENIAL & DEATH. He unclasped grasps on his secular motives, the man found his inner being. He now ascends into an esoteric state suspended animation. Earth has become a single spaceship, with unlimited reservoirs of anything, either for extraction or for pollution, and in which, therefore, man must find his own place.


Expanding collectivism.

As the stars burn, a higher level of energy is developing upon the mother earth. New elements forming new thought patterns and neuro-functions, leading the "homo-sapien-sapien" into a new evolutionary life form. Greater numbers experience the intrusive thoughts that leave you wondering and feeling fictional, but few embrace these encounters and direct their mind in ways of validity. These brain activities seem oddly familiar to you, because beyond the limitation of your human body you are achieving and altering yourself in a truly unthinkable amount of ways. The capsule you've been provided is only a host (second in command) to the actuality going on within it's walls (your reality).

Laying the Bricks

Time distracts those who live by it's assimilating grasp. It is only a element of organization, keeping order amongst activity. We are at a period in which we need to lay a basis for what's to come. Words can become contagious if you use them in a positive energy. With this power we can begin the transformation into the new world of integration of my kind and yours... We are the bridge that fills the void between you and them.. http://www.reverbnation.com/skyskrapa

Getting started

Greeting earthlings, it's the one that skrapes the skies, here to drop some knowledge down into orbit so you can spread the word. Aboard the ship, me and the boys are working on vocalizing these sounds for your listening pleasure, but more so to take over your world. Work related to the Acid For The Masses is becoming conclusive faster than we could have expected but we need your help. Considering how you're from the earth and we're not, we need you to spread the word, post our links, share those facebook pages, anything!! Your governments and non-believers attempt to shadow our existence and that is why we need you to help us, you are blended into a society and play a role in which we can't. Without you there is no us, without us there is no you.