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Sanity's Edge E.P. Release

Sanity's Edge E.P. (S.E.E.P.1) available for a limited time at www.soundcloud.com/sanitys-edge

What's next?

Hmm what is next? what do you think we should do now?

Next Week

Next week we are hitting the off days. We will be at @Cheers Wednesday the 24th at 8pm , and at Bushwackers Sunday the 28th from 2pm to 10pm performing at 8pm. These are our last 2 shows before we hit the road. Ramen noodles are ok but not for 7 days straight.

Next Sunday

We need your help. Next Sunday join us for a Carwash fundraiser. We will be in the @Cheers parking lot from 10 am to 3pm . There will also be free check engine light checks and A/C performance checks. And bring your acoustic or non-floating electric guitar and get your strings changed for free as well . All for donations to help us hit the road.


Just a matter of days now until we unleash "Psychosis" . Friday night at @Cheers 11964 Washington st. Northglenn Co.

Next Friday

We are anxious to see everyone this Friday night June 14th at @Cheers 11964 Washington st. Northglenn. We got a new song for ya too!

All Geared up

We are getting all geared up for our show this Saturday at Jugg'z . If you won free tix please contact any band member for instructions on redemption.


Soon you will have your faces melted by the "REFORMATION"




The MadMan Rick Lowe added some thunder to "Reformation" last night. This album is sounding great.