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Eurpoean recording ArtistsTomorrow is Today!!!

Dream Machine Productions Announces "WELCOME TO THE FUTURE, TODAY!!! Now Doc Holiday Productions are offering to European recording artist for the first time the opportunity to record in Nashville with Doc's Legendary studio "A" Team and Multi award winning Record Producer DOC HOLIDAY at QUAD STUDIO'S,WITHOUT THE EXPNESE OF TRAVELING TO NASHVILLE!!!.. Here's the way it works, Doc and his team is in Nashville cutting the song and they hire a local studio where the artist is located and then record using the transfer of wav files in REAL TIME while using a special computer software program similar SKYPE so the visual of the artist and Doc's team is like they are in the same studio, So that puts the artist actually in Nashville through a special computer software program similar to SKYPE, recording with the team at the actual time in real time. THIS IS NOT LIKE CUTTING THE MUSIC TRACK AND THEN ADDING THE VOCAL ON, BUT ACTUALLY RECORDING DURING THE SAME TIME...YOU CAN SEE AND HEAR THE TEAM AND THEY CAN SEE AND HEAR THE ARTIST IN REAL TIME, THE ARTIST CAN ADD ANY SUGGESTIONS NEEDED AND INTERACT WITH DOC AND THE "A" TEAM "LIVE" AND AT THE SAME MOMENT ON ORDER TO GAIN THE MOST PROFESSIONAL RECORDING POSSIBLE USING LEGENDARY MUSICIANS, STUDIO AND PRODUCERS!!! FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS EXCITING CONCEPT, E-MAIL DOC HOLIDAY DIRECT AT hitmanholiday@aol.com


Doc Holiday and his Legendary "A" team will be recording in Nashville at SONY Studios this year in Early May of 2015. They are always looking for that right NEW artist (s) to produce , If your interested in finding out more on this session, E-Mail hithithit@aol.com