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Copa Salivating

Spring 2008 has been a great leap forward for Gospel Cigar Rock. Even though no new recordings have found their way into cyberspace this spring, the team is aggressively seeking to push the frontiers of songcraft and soundscapes with the help of the spirited engineer Dylan Seals and the focused guidance of GML engineer Jeff Warren. Dylan Seals has helped initiate a new vision for the next (currently nameless) three-act Copa album--by meeting with Copa's frontman Rory White during the January winter months to construct and re-structure new material. The results have spawned a new experiment, the most daring and costly of all in Copa history! Utilizing Daniel Lanois-esque room recording techniques, Copa has strategized a weeklong studio hold-up in the heat of the summer of 2008--recording together, live, to create the most literal and energetic interpretation of Gospel Cigar Rock ever. The ghost of Copa past warns us that the recorded Copa experience has, until now, been a departure from the live Copa experience. The new recording approach should weld the two distinct experiences (and their unique qualities) into one 3-act album. The band will play together, recording all parts of the album together, live, just like a live Copa show, until the right performance surpasses the quality quota and becomes the final take for the new album. The inherent risks of live recording will be annihilated through painstaking pre-production, with live critiques from Warren and Seals during rehearsals. The results from sessions so juiced with creativity and musical options should prosper from the refinement of deliberating criticisms. Copa has never been this collaboritive, with so much talent being forced into a small record! Expect something wonderful that will make its home in your stereo, on your ipod, and into the annals of great recordings. If you are a newcomer, you may need to refresh your Ipod with: 2007's Discografiti recordings (myspace.com/copacabana) 2005-2006's Magnus Copa recordings (myspace.com/copacabana) 2004's Hotlights (Speakerheart.com)