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New tracks, summer plans

More songs from HumBrews have been uploaded, hope you like 'em. We're stoked to play tomorrow night Friday the 13th at Mosgo's Coffee, and Sunday the 15th at the Jambalaya for the Humboldt Arts Festival. Looking forward to an awesome summer full of music..we've got shows booked through September. Rehearsals have been fruitful. Lots of new songs in the works...expect a lot out of us in the next few months.

Troublemakin'..new tunes uploaded!

We played an awesome show last night at Humbrews. Big thanks to Laurel for setting us up with the show, Casey Neill and the Norway Rats for sharing gear with us and just generally being frickin' cool, not to mention killing it, and thanks to the Humbrews crew and everyone that came out. Great night.

We're excited to play a couple shows in the next few weeks: We'll be at Mosgo's Friday May 13th at 8PM, and at the Jambalaya Sunday May 15th at 12PM. Hope to see you guys at one or both!

Also uploaded a few songs from our KHUM show, check em out!