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Welcome 2011 It's going to be big for The Pop Rivets

Hello everyone! Happy new year! 2010 was a grand year indeed. We welcomed Sam Nash on Durms / Keys / and Vocals and it's been amazing ever since. This is not the Pop Rivets of years past, no sir! We have an updated sound, new originals, new cover material, and new faces and friends added at each show. I can't even begin to tell you how pumped we are with the new recordings. Brian Sam and myself have been woodshedding everything in our playlist as well writting new material constantly in an effort to produce the best possible Pop Rivets experience for everyone. 2011 is going to be Exciting!!! Thanks for sharing it with us! Peace and Power Pop! XOXOXO Jason H.

2010 Welecome to the POP RIVET NATION

Well Freinds 2010 is heading into the late spring and early summer months. The Pop Rivets are still working on the second CD and it it is shaping up to be a great Project! The hardest part about it is that we keep coming up with more new originals songs. The Great part about that is that the third CD should not take too long to put out. ;) If you have been at our shows recently you probably noticed that we have a new drummer. Sam Nash is OFFICIALLY THE MAN! Sam is no stranger to TPR. He has been on stage with us many times over the years. All Three of us were in the original line up of Chinese Fire Drill. All I can say is Damn! it sounds amazing. Sam has added extra backing vocals and lead vocals as well as keyboard patches and samples. If you have not heard TPR after Sams introduction into the band, you will be blown away! In other news: We have some great summer events coming up for TPR. We will be performing at Ahmriens Cellars in Bent Mountain, VA The Rockbridge Food and Wine Festival in Lexington, VA. We also have a Fridays Alive in August in Lexington as well. If Beer is your thing, the Pop Rivets will be headlining the Microfestivus at the Elmwood Park Ampitheater in Roanoke,VA celebrating of the region's finist microbrews. Our schedule is filling up fast so check back often for show tour dates and events. Wishing you all a fun and safe 2010! Much Love TPR