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Studio Update: Jan 2015

Finishing the 2 last songs with guitar and drums, then onto bass, vocals and remaining solos. This is by far the most diverse set of music that any of us have been a part of. Although we're extremely anxious for it's release, the level of quality that will be presented will be well worth waiting for.


The rumor is that the Pittsburgh show with Lich King, Exmortus and Vermithrax is going to happen in March! We'll let you know more details soon! We are finishing the pre-production guitar section of the new album. Soon the Wardrums will sound! We still need your help pushing the 5-song Vol.1 EP to the masses! We decided to pay forward by giving it away, but need your help to get it out there. Word of Mouth is the best advertising. If you believe in a band and post their stuff, your friends will at least check it out. That's all we could ask... give them a free taste and we'll take it from there. haha www.VermithraxMetal.com -V'Thrax!

Thrash Attack

We are hitting the stage with Canadian thrashers, Fatality and local Metalhead friends, Lady Beast this coming Wednesday, August 28th at 8pm at Howlers in Pittsburgh. It's only $5, so dig through the couch cushions and get enough for admission and BEER!

To The Grind...

We are back in writing mode for May, taking only a quick break for a Pittsburgh show with our friends in Derketa and Liquified Guts at 31st St Pub on June 1st, then back to the grinding of bones into meal. We have about 7 new songs in different stages, possibly more, so we are hoping to get busy with recording before fall.


It was born of the sea, evolved to land and conquered the skies. Menacing and wicked. Brutal and unforgiving. Just one listen and you've become part of the breed. From pleasure to pain and back. When you've summoned them, it's then that you will come face to face with your fears. A new type of judgement is here. You're just in time to enjoy the Feast.