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Thank you!

All of us here at Splintered Reality would love to thank you for your ongoing support... We have been at this creative process now for so many years, and your encouragement and caring sentiments have been so uplifting to us. Recently we received an email from a someone that found our internet concert on Facebook and felt compelled to tell us that her kids were rocking out to our set... and just having that moment with us, meant so much to her... She watched her 5 year old daughter headbang with her 17 year old son... and for the hour long set, there was some semblance of peace in her house. Thank you for giving us these kinds of reminders of why we work so hard at this! When you are at a show, it is easy to see the response that the crowd gives you. But when you post something, you can't hear or see your audience ...Thank you for allowing us into your hearts and homes... as long as you are listening, we will continue making this art for you.

Happy Halloween

I just wanted to thank everyone for coming out to the Armory last night for the show... we had a great time, and can't wait to rock out with you again. We had such an amazing time that we wanted to give you a treat... now until Nov. 14th our new single Wicked is available for download on our reverbnation site for free! Thanks again Raleigh... and we'll see you soon! -Rick (the Priest) Splintedered Reality

hats off horns raised

just for the record...thanks again to burnstitch for the chance to headline... much respect and honor to you guys!

the show

in retrospect... the show @ the brewery was amazing! minus one technical glitch, it was perfect....I'm glad that everyone could come out...and can't wait for Wednesday's show!

you should check these guys out....


just a side note

http://www.reverbnation.com/stillunknownmusic these guys rock.... take a listen


video production is my second favorite thing to do...first is.... what was that?....sorry gotta go...

mixes and....

when you take a break from your mixes...and you walk into the next room to find everyone is gathered around a laptop watching old commercials on you tube... you know you just stepped into the twilight zone

hard work

the best part of working hard...results

new video concepts

we've had alot of requests for videos...and so we are going into production on a few ideas....I hope you will enjoy!