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I'm thanking God for allowing us to see "Pieces of SUCCESS by INSTALLMENTS." This is why you should NEVER DESPISE small beginnings. Read this comment by someone & the quote was: After listening to us sing one of our wedding songs "LOVE DEFINED"----"This song is absolutely beautiful and it expresses what I feel about the man of my dreams and Godsend. This would be the greatest, inspirational and #1 song choice for our wedding....OMG, this song has me in tears!!!!"

See my friend, success comes in so many ways, you just have to always your HEAVENLY FATHER to manifest some of those "installments of SUCCESS" to you with EXPECTANCY & DECLARE the FAVOR OF GOD over your life & purpose. This is one of the ways we desire for our songs to effect people. OUR PURPOSE has always been about PEOPLE---without them, there's NO VISION. We just thank Daddy for given us songs we believe it is for the world to hear, see & experience God's ABUNDANT Love & Grace for MANY lives. MUCH LOVE, GRACE & PEACE,


Kim Larkin is my Reality of Love. I'm so in love with Kim, that my mind & my heart only desires to make her happy, make her smile & give her everything she needs from her husband. I didn't deserve, earned nor merit this precious gift---that is what the Grace of God did for me. HE GRANTED ME HIS DESIRE FOR ME to ENJOY--WHOOO HOOO!!! (LMBO!!). Brother, Sisiter, Friend & Family, Real Love is what i have learned, BELIEVED, experienced & embraced THRU my Elder Brother Jesus. I really appreciate HIM demonstating that "REAL LOVE" to me. Because of "THAT FOCUS" I am able to see my wife being the greatest human being anyone can meet. I already know many people underestimate who she is,,I cherish it and won't ever miss a moment to hear her wisdom. My life has become something special every since she's become my best friend. I will never miss a moment to do (couch time, bedtime, cooktime, wash dishes time, dinner time, movie time, text time, & whatever time) with Kim. IT'S A GOOD THANG!! MARRIAGE & FRIENDSHIP IS GOOD!!!

I hear so much from women saying "THERE ARE NO GOOD MEN OUT THERE, "ALL THE GOOD MEN ARE TAKEN, MEN THESE DAYS ARE NO GOOD, THEY JUST PURSUE YOU FOR WHAT THEY CAN GET, ETC ETC ETC. Let a brother help you ladies. YOU are SNARED by the WORDS of your MOUTH, you are taken with the WORDS of your MOUTH-----Proverbs 6:2. Look, Stop putting your HEAVENLY DADDY in a box and PREVENT HAVING the devil's negativity in all your CONVERSATIONS. The whole point, we can't develop, make, enjoy nor create a "HEALTHY RELEATIONSHIP" without our DADDY being in the center of it. DADDY GOD desires you to be blessed & favored WITH ABUNDANCE more than you do, so STOP TRYING TO DO IT YOURSELF!

Much Love, Grace and Peace!