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Thanks to all of the listeners! Happy July 4th 2015

Have a safe holiday and remember those who served for us this Independence Day 15!

Grateful And Thanks! Album finally getting mixed!

I am deeply grateful for all of those who have contributed their precious time,effort and knowledge on the upcoming album. Special Thanks to MarkMatson,Andy Joslin,Cory Spotts,Mike Oliver,Madeline Deveroux,Hannah Feinberg,Chris Mulhy,Andrew Varner,Marty Welker,Maury Gilray,John Rickard,The Studio2 Saturday Class at SCC,Craig Schumacher,Ron Marschall, and anyone else who contributed to"Buckin'Crazy" It has truly been an experience that I will never forget, lessons learned,knowledge gained,...can't wait to work on Album 2....Music IS My Life And Yours! CT*

I Love Country Music

Mark Matson and I worked on this song all afternoon, as I laid down some"chuckachucka " tracks on the PRS and Mark played some bad ass jazz organ and mixed up some radical layers of cool in to this song...I 'm looking forward to vocal sessions..! Nice job Mark! CT*

Music Is My Life

Today tracking drums and geetars for new song " Music Is My Life" @ BeatFarmDigital with Mark Matson's and Andy "Flanj"Joslin's laying down some rockin' percussion , Excited to say the least!


Check out the preview mixes of "Rockstar"....put in some lead geetars at BeatFarmDigital with Mark Matson They are Mooji approved CT*

Vocal Week! Recording Vocals for Rockstar, Fly Away and Baby Step

It's all finally coming together! Mark Matson@ The BeatFarm is doing some fantastic editing and Baby Steps is line-dance ready, Rockstar is awesome and Andy Varner will be here Wednesday to put his signature on the summer party anthem....the best is yet to come! CT* P.S. Posted a sample of Rockstar with Madeline Deveroux and her perfect harmonies!

Fiddle and Steel with Andy Varner and John Rickard

Today the fiddle and steel masters lay down superb tracks for Rockstar,Leavin Arizona and Fly Away..can't wait....The re-recordings are going awesome..second time tracking is worth the wait! Beat Farm Studio with Mark Matson and the new studio L

Reviews Like This Are Why I write Songs

Thank you!!...whoever wrote this! The production of this track is superb! The bass boomed in my earphones and the treble of your vocals made your vocals clear and blend in with the instrumental. Your voice has a good quality to them, but there are parts where you seem to be having a hard time reaching for the higher notes. The female harmony was a great addition. My favorite part was during the bridge because your vocals just sounded beautiful together. The lyrics were well-written as well! I love the line "you complete me because you see me the same way that I see you." Sorry if I got that wrong by the way. This is the perfect track to me at the moment because it is perfectly relevant to my situation right now. I just celebrated my 2nd anniversary with my boyfriend yesterday and this describes our relationship perfectly. I've been trying so hard to figure out how polar opposites like us stay together even when we argue about almost everything. This song gave me the reason. Thank you. Not only does this track sound amazing, but it also has actual emotion in it as well. Not many tracks are able to do that, but you did it anyway. This is definitely a track that many would like, especially those in relationships. It just sounds so romantic and hopeful at the same time. This is probably the last song I'll review before going to sleep and it's perfect because it made me feel happy and content right before I went to sleep. This is a beautiful song. Please make more music and I hope to hear more of the music you make. :)

Tuscon Trip

Goin to Tuscon for vocals on" Party Like A Rockstar In The Country" fun time!

Donating "RAINBOW" Proceeds to St Jude's Hospital

Today I decided to donate all proceeds from RAINBOW AFTER THE RAIN to St Jude's Children's Hospital in the hope that it can help those in need...great facility for kids!