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The Sky off of Next CD: Grave

Check out my new video:The Sky 90's grunge feel to it.It'll be off my next CD: Grave Working hard on this one!! This CD will have A Soungarden, old Alice In Chains,Nirvana feel to it!!!!!

Next CD

Next CD will be Heavier and darker!!


NEW Grunge CD coming in A couple of Days! Sounds Like : Look at the sounds like portion of my page.


Having trouble deciding on name of the band!!

New Music coming!!

Written some grunge songs. My singing and guitar playing is improving. Cant wait to get them recorded and on here but it takes time.

Jam Session

I am very happy about the jam session Jason and I did. I felt it Rocked. Thanks to everybody who was there!

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Me(tim hart) has been doing this alone for awhile and I am glad to add Jason Epp and his great percussion skills to make this band more complete. We are currently playing The Beacon Place in Zanesville Ohio. And are getting ready for the open mic night at Weasel Boy.