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DoverLaff, Jan 20 2013, W Birds of Chicago

Wow, where can I even begin with The Birds of Chicago? This traveling collaborative collective is a fascinating musical journey to behold...the beautiful and multi-talented instrumentalist Alli (sp?), Outstanding singer-storyteller Presence J.T., and electric guest feature Joe from Austin TX were mesmerizing, thought-provoking, and wholly inspiring. Every single electric guitar solo that Joe performed was steady and thoughtful and reminded me of gliding a light-gauge snowboard down a maple-neck mountain. All through one of my favorite small amps of all time: The Peavy Classic 30. Every sung word from J.T. was potent and driving, and he is the tallest man ever born. Allison is an incredible harmonizing singer...impeccable mic-control, a steady falsetto, and a willingness to let loose on a melody with any given whim. Their voices blend perfectly, and their lyrics are perfect. They never messed up once, and likely never will.

It was a pleasure for The Tummybuckles to open for them. We played 5 songs, including our newest, "Little Loon", which featured Honorary Tummybuckle Avery Hill, who coincidentally was there at the show without us knowing that she would be, who coincidentally had helped Megan arrange the song harmonies six months prior, and who coincidentally has a jaw-dropping gorgeous voice and the confidence to sound amazing without rehearsal.

Also, she kinda looks just like Megan from a little distance.

Same hair.

Same hair-style, more accurately...and similar color.

Not exact, just similar.

And similar body type too. They could be sisters from different misters.

Wow, that got weird.

Anyway, Mr. Dan Dover told a great introduction about how our band came to know the DoverLaff Tiki Lounge, and how we came to know he and Cheryl...Ms. Cheryl herself chefed up a furious BBQ storm that involved several fancy salads and some grilled Salmon, WITH home-made mango chutney. Mmm...music.

All in all, it was a killer night, and we'd do it all again in a second. Now, music is on the brain, and songwriting is just around the corner...The Tummybuckles are plotting to produce a 3rd EP, and this one is likely to have 5 or 6 songs on it...More to come! Hope to see you all at the next show. This coming weekend...Long Beach WA and Astoria OR!

Sunday Night, Birds of Chicago @ DoverLaff!

Hey all, if you have not gotten your tickets yet to this Sunday's show, do it! Email doverlaffhouseconcerts@gmail.com. Touring band Birds of Chicago will be gettin' mellow with The Tummybuckles. Why don't you come on out Saturday night to Park Place Coffee and get fired up for it there? Saturday night is free! Sunday night is $15, ALL proceeds go to the band that is on the road. THANK YOU!!

Camellia Lounge, Dec 29 2012

Thank you all so much for making it such a special night at Camellia Lounge in NW Portland with The Tummybuckles last night! Happy New Year. We finished strong, with the birth of Leo's son Ethan (all healthy is he, and a natural drummer) in March, and the Artichoke CD Release Party at Alberta Rose Theater in October.

Opening the night was Nathan Vieira, who came out to support us at Alberta Rose in October, and applied what he witnessed to his hardcore metal mentality to forge a grande 4-song acoustic debut set. Find out more about Nathan at his website, www.nathanvieira.com.

Aaron Baca played his mellow melodic man-style guitar, working up to promote his soon-to-be-released brand new solo CD. Megan joined him for a couple songs, and it was Epic! They are getting into a serious side project, so stay tuned to Aaron at http://www.facebook.com/aaron.baca.73 to find out more, and to Megan's Facebook page.

We were so grateful to see everybody there. And we are very much looking forward to the next time. New songs are in the works, our third EP is likely to be produced and packaged before March 2013. Our next show is the Park Place Coffee "Rockwood Stock" in Gresham on Saturday night, January 19, 2013. More to come!

EP Number 2!

Megan here, just letting everyone know our second EP is now available at our shows and soon to be available for download, which is very exciting, as we'll be able to reach our fans out of state and out of country! Chris and I are working on writing a few new tunes which we'll be showcasing at Camellia on the 24th. Nick Dilbeck will join us on piano that night and Emily Jacques will open for us. Yay!

Tummybuckle Winter (pt2)

Also, since these are our first blogging attempts, I must reach a bit into the past...all the way back to Dec 3rd, when The Tummybuckles covered a Broken Soviet set at the White Eagle in Portland. Thanks to Trevor Ras, Safire, and Broken Soviet for putting together a Terrific night. We all had a blast and are working on getting some YouTube footage up. Hooray!

Tummybuckle Winter

We had a great night at Fort George Brewery in Astoria, OR last night. The hospitable staff, most namely Sean, set us up for a fantastic evening. Thank you all so much! We will be back!