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Frank W. Norwood / Blog

A Spider Bite

File under “Reality Bites”.

About a month ago I purchased a book which was a collection of personal letters from the author E. B. White, who used to live in a small town on the Maine coast. White of course wrote “Charlotte’s Web.”

Reading the letters I became quite interested in learning more about the man, and my wife and I even made a trip down through the town he lived in, which is only about 40 miles away from our home.

The next part of the story is where things get interesting:

Last Saturday, July 20th, around 12:00 noon I was walking the dog in the lower part of our yard. This usually means he chews grass, stares off into the woods, scratches, or does anything but his business, so I have plenty of time to check my legs for ticks, mosquitoes, black flies, horse flies etc.

I was slapping away a mosquito from the left leg when I noticed a round, raised red dot on my ankle. I thought it looked half-way between a bite and a burn. There was some scaling of skin in the center, which usually indicates something of age, but I know this mark had not been there more than say a hour which would have been when I put my shoes on.

By Saturday night I could barely walk as a result of the pain and inflammation. I tried soaking it, Neosporin etc, without results.

Sunday the bite worsened and my wife drove me to the walk-in clinic. Wandered home with scripts for anti-biotics. Sunday evening things took an even worse turn, with the cute red dot now a black silver dollar sized spot. Monday morning I went back to the walk-in clinic, and the same PA gave me another prescription for antibiotics.

All day Monday I sat in my chair, foot elevated, unable to move, paralyzed like a fly in a spiders web. When my wife returned from work she drove me to the E.R. at the local hospital. I was admitted and they switched me to some extremely powerful antibiotics administered via IV.

I emerged from the hospital 4 days later, having undergone surgery to remove necrotic tissue and blowing through 5-6 different antibiotics. Today I am able to limp along and I’m glad to have my foot still. There were some intense moments such as when the hospital staff told me we were in “a grey area” for treatment because the foot was responding to antibiotics.

The lead surgeon took one look and said the bite was the work of the Brown Recluse. He is from the South and has seen many patients with the Brown Recluse bite. Arthropod bite is listed as the official cause on my medical report. In researching my situation I’ve learned most white papers and scholarly types vigorously defend against the possibility of a Brown Recluse spider being seen in Maine. In fact the articles are so biased I’m convinced they were written by Brown Recluse Spiders. Two possibilities – recently purchased mulch from Lowes which could have come from the South, and my son and his girlfriend recently returned from Puerto Rico, Tampa, and a few other ports on a school trip. Their gear was stored, unpacked, in the mudroom where my shoes are, for several weeks.

In summary, if this is what happens to me when I go on an E.B. White reading kick, I can assure you I will not be reading Melville before I go out Mackerel fishing with my brother in Patten Bay!

Frank Norwood on SEXXTON RADIO

Frank Norwood was on Debbie Sexxton's Sexxton Radio this past Sunday - check it out: http://www.debbiesexxton.com/show-5-listen-now.html

Who you are - and why Reverbnation is GOOD for you!

As a artist or musician, or as a lover of all things musical, you may wonder at some level (conciously or subconciously) what it is that draws you back over and over to playing, listening to, or making music.

You are a Human Being. This is something that is easy to say and write, but what does it really mean?

It means that you are as a whole made up of two parts, a physical body, and a separate, distinct part,not measurable in our physical realm, which is your Being. Your body's function is carry, nurture and grow your Being over a finite period, after which it returns to another realm. The Huna believe there are a Low, Middle, and High "Self", levels of Beings that can communicate between selves but not necessarily directly amongst themselves.(It's complicated!) Many religions have similiar or like beliefs. Whatever your religion or belief, here's where the music comes in!

When you are drawn to play a guitar, run a brush over a snare,hit a note on the piano, or sing, shout or croak out a song, you are responding to a pull from your Being! This is your way of feeding and nurturing your Being! As a RN artist, you are just a bit more "in touch" with the Being side of your Humanity. Everyday you feed, grow and nurture your Being through the vibrations of your music! Whatever your musical style, you are pulled toward the sounds your Being needs most.

As you go about your day wherever you are in this world, think about what it means to be a Human Being, and help your fellow Human Beings as they go through their journey! Smile at the person with the downcast eyes, offer a comforting word to the sad, laugh at the jokes no matter how bad (like most of mine!), and sing, strum, beat your way for a better world! And thank Reverbnation for helping all of us get our music heard and shared!

Your friend in music,


Coming Soon!

New video for the Lighthouse Keeper song. Now, you may not care for the song, but at least watch through the 10 second mark where an orb flys through the screen. We live in a house built in 1852 by two brothers. It was used for years as a residence and farmhouse, and for a period appeared to fall under the ownership of the Bangor Childrens Home, perhaps as a summer working residence? At any rate, the house has always hosted many spirits and continues to do so today. There are other stories but I'll save them for another time.

Bio of the Frank Norwood Train

Frank Norwood is a Singer-Songwriter from Maine. Working from the tainted piney landscape of failed fishermen and empty bath salt wrappers, he casts an ever-widening net of songs silly and somber.