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Help to Challenged Families and People - "Angels of Mine"

One of the greatest benefits of our digital age, is our ability to stay in contact with one another. The "strength in numbers" could never be more true. We would like to use our numbers to especially help those in special need or desperately running out of options.

For those facing the mounting challenges, failing health or whatever, while getting buried in debt, Quarry Lane wants to help.

Please send us a synopsis of a message you'd like to get out. We will produce an original song around your message and publish it here - at Quarry Lane's Reverbnation.

100% of profits from mp3 and ringtone downloads will be paid directly to your Paypal account.You can do whatever you like to promote your sales and we will help by promoting it through our social media presence.

Message us here with "HELP" in the subject. Provide a brief summary and be sure to include a telephone number, full name and email. We will reply directly with private contact information.

We cannot guaranty results; however, a little faith might produce overwhelming help from good hearted "Angels Online".