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the Next Step!

Hi all this is Mike A from SH, i am writing my first blog! Woo Hoo yeah! Wow! he can write you say! ;) Yes indead i can! All be it a bit sloppy :) i have been looking forward to this year because we are about to record our next single/EP, with one of my favourite tracks on! Harbour Lights. i think it will be the title of the single/EP but i dont think the mechanics in here have finalized everything yet so it might be something totally different... who knows??? haha. we'll keep you in suspense abit. We are looking at studios at the moment and it looks like May/June we will be in the studio getting 3-4 tracks done! Which we are all looking forward too, actualy it will be great to get in there with the headphones on and make something for you all to listen too, and let us know what you think :) Cheers all. Peace... and all that hippy shit!! :)

Who wants an EP?

The brand new Smug Howlers EP will be with you all on the 1st of this month, just post on this page, or on the facebook if you want a FREE copy, it will be 3 songs off of our forthcoming Album and gives you a great insight into our recorded stuff, obviously the tunes will be uploaded here as well, but what better way to listen to Smug Howlers than in your car or on your I.POD? Just let us know, the Smug Howlers Merchandise store is nearly open,. Stocked with t-shirts, badges, Albums and all other things Smug Related! LETS----GET------SMUG!

First Blog from the drummer !

Right, here we are! How are you you mucky lot? Just an update on all things Smug......We (months ago but were quite slow on these things) introduced Mike A. to the Smug family, he has brought the missing ingredient and made the songs sound even better, alot more depth! plus some of the new songs we are writing are our best yet! the combo of Marc and Mike.a. writing together is going to take the band to new places! Also we are recording at the end of this month, our first EP and were all really exited about it! there are a few ideas for songs flying about for it, but we have decided that its going to be 3 tracks and hopefully youll all like the finished product,The tunes will be up here for you all too see as soon as they are finished! We are gigging like mad after the EP recording, with an all day festival at the Wheatsheaf, then Mill Hill with our good friends Angels with Enemies, then The Horn (thanks to Rachel),and then a big one for us as a new band,. the proud galleries in Camden with A.W.E again! Just keeping you informed and trying to avoid doing some work!! Adam!- lets get Smug!