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The love for music

Music can change one's lives doesn't matter if your having a good or bad day because the power of music can change one mood. JB Jess Bowen.

Talented Musician's

I love what I do as a producer I appreciate what I do as and artist the passion I have for it the drive the determination the will the skill to be able to accomplish and enjoy it thanx to everyone that takes the time to listen to my music and most of all to the ones that like my music page thanx for the support you guys are great much love Sgp dice ent!$

Words of wisdom

If you have a passion for something neva give up stay focused grind hard follow your dreams your time will come to shine S.G.P

musix is my talent

Everyone is comez into this world with a talent some see there before others but i descovered mines about thirteen yrs ago.The funny thing is i neva thought about making beats or producing,or any of that untill a friend was moving and had a musix studio call area 51 entertiament and hen sold me all this musix equipment 4 dirt cheap i just bought because he was a friend that was having a hard time so thats when i became interested in musix.Now i have a label called dice ent im a solo artist holla peace