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go joe

Aight dig it. Imagine making a pot of coffee using water Joe(caffeinated water) instead of regular role water. Huh? Yeah.

coolness abounds in 11:11

Every time it's 11:11 am or pm I am enjoying a kiss with my sweetstack lightning, we've done this for years. Now I noticed that a majority of comments & messages from other artists show that they came in at 11:11 am & pm! I think that is special, & it means something important.


OK, this is a rant. I know of at least two bands on reverbnation that I know personally. When I found them here I was delighted to say HEY!! Listen to some tracks,then fan them. Then I waited, & waited, no love back. I'm a sensitive man to a fault. I show respect, interest & am polite. I may unfriend this/these people from my Facebook just so I'm not getting my feelings hurt. Is it because they are guitarists & don't like it when drummers don't live up to those drummer jokes? It's my thinking that such jokes come from either A: drummer's steal the girlfriends of the guitarist.B: drummers get a stool but it's called a throne.C: ultimately drummers are the most important member of a band.D: drummers who strive to learn other instruments generally end up being looked up to more so than just a guitarist.E: we can do it all ourselves. So whatever the beef these folks have with me is. You're being petty & immature!

the leangth i went to play

There was a situation I found myself in where the power was out due to storms & I was itchin to play my electric guitar(had no acoustic) so I knew my sg sounded decent unplugged, fiddled a bit like that until I wasn't satisfied. Then like the bolt of lightning that shook the house I had an idea! Stethoscope! Taped to the upper bout(horn) & voila! I was enjoying a nice earthy tone through the tubes & into my ears. Now I have a battery powered danelectro honey tone amp for when I'm powerless.

brown{{{}}}{{{}}}{{{}}}{{{}}}baggin it

I'm coming back like a bad burrito, all dressed up in a burnt tuxedo. I'm blowing you up with a spent torpedo, I'm the one with a gun & a lollipop, kicking the can clear to the corner shop, Holding the deeds to the crime scene murder mop. The look on my face is just a reflection, of what's become of the nights digression. Put em on the glass,leave an impression. Not me. No. I'm brown baggin it.


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Red hot tips on a cold blue plate, sitting in my seat till my hips gyrate. Waiting for the love bus but it's to late, it's already been gone yeah. Hate scams running wild,across the field with the mystery child. I never met a lover that i didn't like, but they haven't helped me yet. Living loudly,loving temple these words are instrumental, to the hot tip,blue plate way of life, but the bus hasn't stopped here yet.


Stock footage of familiar faces seem to bring that comfy feeling of care free days of never ending adventure. Where you lose yourself & don't mind finding yourself in the same position you were in when your body rose up out of itself & walked through that door you wanted to open before but never did. Now you look at your feet & notice the surface your on is not what you relized it was, its better, take advantage of the possibilities in way of shoes to wear on this walking, running surface of new textures. Textures...... NO SHOES, OR SOCKS! Enjoy a massage for the feet as you trudge. Never gonna stop now, not when it feels this good.


Captains blog: Hello. Is there anyone who is gonna read my mumbo extra jumbo? I have very strange things to spout out from yonder digit tips. So if i go ahead & throw down prose in an amateur way, let the words fall, just to see what they say. Will it further my envelope pushing, silent head nodding, so that i might get a glimmer of that shining moment when folks of particular style & substance stop in mid motions & say...."dang i could use a toolbox of unknown implements, just so i could fashion a chair for sitting in a way that only a toolbox used for unknown implementation could allow me to sit. Then maybe i'd roll it round the ole wrinkly,crinkly.

GodSpeed  (over 5 years ago)

Frank! I'm reading your mumbo extra jumbo brother! Definitely getting a kick out of your digit tips yonder spouted! Carry on my good man! We hear you!
Kevin......From Godspeed