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The 'Duke of D-Port rides on.

Had a killer time this weekend at our show in Davenport. Hunter Station gave a powerful performance, and without a doubt left their mark on the show's attendees.

We're looking forward to finishing off this summer strong with a show at little Davenport street festival called BixFest. In celebration of the legacy of Bix Beiderbecke, Davenport holds a world-renowned 7 mile foot race through the streets of Davenport (invariably won by Kenyan contestants and their infallibly fantastic performances) and this is coupled with festival that encompasses much of Davenport's downtown area. We'll be posted up right in the dead center of the action at Kilkenny's Irish Pub at 3rd and Harrison, right in the middle of the afternoon. We'll be on at 3:30 in the afternoon that saturday.

This is going to be followed by a new experience for the 'Duke: we're playing at a biker rally in Wisconsin. The rally's coordinators advised us there would be hundred of attendees, all rocking a hog. We can't wait.