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Lightslaying Rituals on Century Media Distribution

Temple of Baal "Lightslaying rituals" on Century Media distro NOW !!

Lightslaying Rituals limited edition digipak : http://www.cmdistro.com/Item/Temple_Of_Baal_-_Lightslaying_Rituals_-ltd._ed._digi-/38828

Lightslaying Rituals CD : http://www.cmdistro.com/Item/Temple_Of_Baal_-_Light_Slaying_Rituals/32189

Split with Ritualization

The recording of the split release with Ritualization is now over. This split will be released on CD and LP format during Autumn on Agonia Records. Stay tuned for more news soon. AMSG.

Inferno Festival

Temple Of Baal send majestic hails to the people at the Inferno Festival. You guys fucking rule and we'll be sure to come back to Norway when our next album is released.

Hail to those who were there !