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New Album coming Soon!

New Album being released to TuneCore, "It's About Time ~ All Original tracks. Great collaborative Artistry with some Awesome talent! Can't wait till y'all get to hear these! Hang on for The Ride ~ Jan

CD Release for Album~ "Something Like That"

Finally have the Cover's finished and Ready for Release! Those that choose a Hard copy instead of Downloads, will need to inbox their mailing adress! There are additional songs on the Hard Copy! Thank You for Your Support~ and Hanging On for The Ride!

Hold On For The Ride!

As ya'll know so many things have been happening. First off, since my cover songs were released my music and guest performance requests have taken off like a bullit. I'm trying to keep up with everybody, but its like riding for the Pony Express on a greenbroke horse! Lots of spurs n hangin on! I got the part I wanted in the new SitCom Movie series with Whipperwill Hollow studios. Lots of Music and funny shenannigans to go along with That, but I'm still so excited and can't wait for the rehearsals to start and we begin shooting! Then tragidy struck and one of my proteges was in a critical motorcycle accident. Yall have seen the PRAYERCHAIN I have been posting. I have Fans around the world and it was the best way to inspire people to pray for Lori! She is showing signs of improvement so all of You prayers are working!! Love to You All- Jan