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Getting on our promotion game -Matt

When I joined my first band at age 15, I thought that being in a band was only about the music. I thought that a band with awesome music that people enjoyed could easily pack out venues with screaming fans, and play on stage while everyone goes nuts and hot girls throw their bras on stage. I quickly found out that there's a gap to cross in order to get to that point.

After I joined Crowcell, me and my fellow bandmates relentlessly worked on making our performance spot on, perfecting our tone, our timing, and our overall performance. When it came time to promote a show, we would just make a post on facebook, create an event page, make a few calls, and call it a day. While we were able to get people to come to our shows, we weren't growing our fan base as much as we wanted to.

A few weeks ago, we enlisted the help of Joann Cheeks, who is now our manager. To be perfectly honest, I was a little off-put about having someone manage us, but was quickly put at ease after seeing what she is capable of. This chic really knows her stuff. Since she joined, we have been more organized and active with our social media, promoted on the street with flyers, created and ordered business cards, posted pictures, and other fun stuff. Most importantly, we are working hard on our 3-track demo, which we have a personal deadline to have complete by November 1st.

To all of you who listen to our music, comment on our posts, and come to our shows: Thank you for your support. If you don't do any of these things, show some support and get your wings!