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What's going on

So, I just uploaded my new song "No Such Thing as Time Machines". It was a blast writing this song and I can't believe it only took a week from beginning to end. Seriously, the music only took me a day to both write and record. The hardest part was recording the vocals. Also, Eulogy is still sitting in the top ten spot for Alternative Music in the state of Texas on NumberOneMusic.com! It's been since last October, and has even hit number one a few times! City by the Sun and Full Circle have been hovering around the top 20 for the same amount of time. I haven't uploaded the new song to the playlist yet, but I'm expecting good things! By the way, The Gray should be released soon, as well. I'm just working out the kinks with vocal plugins and mixing. Hopefully it will be ready in the next week or so. And then... on to the next hit from Siren's Downfall! I am actually planning on revisiting Cheshire Grin (formerly Rabbit Hole), which I never did finish due to losing the audio file. Stupid computers, anyway. Anyway, keep listening and following Siren's Downfall music!

Finally, an Update

So it's been a long time since I've updated everyone on what's going on with Siren's Downfall. Here's a quick recap:

Awesomeness: I have had two songs up at www.numberonemusic.com for a few months now. My mailing list has grown from a little over 200 to nearly 1100. If that's not awesome enough, each of the three songs available on N1M have reached the top ten in their Indie music charts for the state of Texas. How cool?!

Between the chart position and the enslaught of fan mail I cam to realize something... people like me! Ok... maybe not me, but Siren's Downfall is getting some really positive feedback. How have I responded to this? Well... aside from calling home and bragging to my mom? I placed two songs for sale on CDBaby.com and iTunes. That's right, Eulogy and City by the Sun are now available for purchase.

OK... this is all well and good... but what's next from Siren's Downfall, you ask? None of you probably remember but I had a song on here about a year ago titled "The Gray". It was a pretty awesome song... anyway. I've re-recorded the entire thing. Right now it's in the final mixdown stage, but here's the thing. I'm no longer going to be placing songs up to listen if they're not yet for sale. Here's the other thing... I'm not putting songs up for sale that have not been professionally mastered. I want my fans to have the full quality of Siren's Downfall music. This means, however, that I need to get some MP3 sales on CDBaby or iTunes first so that I can afford to have this done. So go buy the songs... lol.

Anyway... hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Keep rockin!

The Dean

Sneak Peak: Alice

I started a song months ago that I had originally titled "Rabbit Hole". I didn't come up with any solid lyrics but I did have a concept for the sound and a few words... but once I get the Four Flat Tires EP finished I will begin working hard core on finishing this one, now titled "Alice". As you can tell it has an Alice in Wonderland undertone to it, but if you're truly a fan of Siren's Downfall, I know you'll love it. I'll post the lyrics as soon as they are finished.

The Gray - Music Video

I have just added "The Gray" music video to YouTube. The video is obviously embedded to this site as well but if you would like to share you can find it at http://youtu.be/AEdNmpS0Lko



Possible Acoustic Album (Future Release)

Ok, so I have been batting around the idea of coming out with an acoustic album containing versions of some of my older songs recorded just straight up me and a guitar. I'm not entirely sure if this is going to happen, I'd kind of like some fan feedback on this before I move forward with it. So don't be afraid to voice your opinions here.

Dean Turner from Siren's Downfall - Interview with Sam Watkins

This is an interview I had back in... April, I think. I'm a bit long winded because I was nervous but it's a pretty good interview, I think.


Music To Come

Ok, so I'm sure you've all been wondering "why no new songs from Siren's Downfall? Is Dean even making music anymore? Is he just slacking? Watching too much Anime, perhaps?" Actually, I have started probably six new songs since the release of The Landslide, the only thing is... I got a new computer. This new computer is a lot faster and has a lot more storage space... but the analogue microphone jack is horrible and severely distorts the sound quality of my recordings. I have purchased new recording software with pro tools plugins and better mastering tools, but I have no choice but to wait (and save up money) for the digital converter hardware to go along with it... and this is why I haven't been able to finish a song in probably two or three months. Also... I'm learning to play drums (electronic drums) and I need to get better at playing them before I can release anything, as it is. But once I receive my new hardware I will be able to create much better and more professional sounding mp3's for your listening pleasure, which means that the three songs on here (Eulogy, Bottled Up Hearts and an updated and shortened version of The Landslide) will be re-recorded first, and then the new songs will follow in whatever order I end up deciding upon. So keep checking back or join my mailing list so you can be updated as new recordings are posted. Ok, I know I'm giving a lot of information in one blog posting, but it's been a while since I've given out any Siren's Downfall news so here's the last little bit of info: Once I get... probably twelve songs written and recorded I will be submitting them for copyright as an album, at which point I will be able to sell them as MP3's through this site, Itunes, amazon, spotify, placement on last.fm and pandora so I will be looking forwared to when that times comes. That's it for now, until next time.

Peace, love and music


PS- Drugs are bad, mmmkay?