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Brown Skin Hippy the mix tape OUT NOW!


#BrownSkinHippy the mixtape!

Brown Skin Hippy the mixtape will be dropping on February 1st on Datpiff.com! Stay on the lookout! Follow me on Twitter & Instagram @ManiacEscobar

Brown Skin Hippy (The Mixtape)

The "Brown Skin Hippy" mixtape will be dropping on December 21st, 2012. Stay on the lookout! It will be dropping on Datpiff.com OBXEMPIRE!

J.A.W.S. The Mixtape

J.A.W.S. (Just A Wonderful Sound) The Mixtape is coming out this summer 2012! So stay on the lookout! By Maniac, Goozy G, & Raww Medina. OBXEMPIRE!

Once A King Always A King Mixtape

The "Once A King Always A King" Mixtape will be dropping soon this summer 2012! So stay tuned on youtube.com/oregonboyzexclusive And follow me @OBXEMPIRE