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Michael Egleton / Blog

That's Alright "The Rewind" on it's way!

Hello everyone and thank you so much for your support. The first cut from That's Alright "The Rewind" is in the pipe to be released. If any of you out there are familiar with new releases and last minute details, you'll understand what Im experiencing at this moment. lol I want things right, for you, my supporters and fans. Its promises to be great. We've gone to great lengths to get the feel that we wanted from this project which is the sounds of the 60's, 70's, and 80's with engineering processes, instrument selections and material. We're trying to get back to what we feel people are wanting today from the music they hear, real music from the time when it was real. Careful research and attention has also gone into the CD artwork also which was done by the award winning design specialist, Ms Britany Walters of Blue-Artists and my Branding team at Blue-Artists. Keep up with the latest news and events at WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM also view the new EPK video produced by Blue-Artists, directed by award winning movie director, Mr Pierre Walters. Watch for upcoming articles and reviews from Source Magazine and Smooth Jazz Magazine and a many others. That's Alright "The Rewind"! It's cranking up again!!! Get in the mix! Music for the Body. Music from the Soul. Music of the Heart. Michael Egleton!

Much Luv

M. E.


Top Floor Please!!!

Well as promised 2015 has started off with a bang for the A Look Into My Heart independent project from Michael Egleton produced by Wes McCraw and Samuel Haygood . Some of the great things that happened for this independent project in 2014 were numerous music magazine features in some popular music magazines like Jazz Times, Soul Central Magazine, Muzic Notez and many more, then there was the expanded radio play in the US, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, then there was the performance in Beverly Hills, CA with Ms Lashaune Turner and Urban Indie Radio, our entry into the IMA Music Awards and also being named a winniner in Top 30 picked songs of 2014 by the listeners of the It's All Soul To Me Radio Show with host, Mr Simon Darke in the UK and last but not least, winning an Ohio Music Award for Adult Contemporary. Lets start with some of the things coming for January and the year 2015, first theres the NEW exciting web site that will be live in a few days! It's more interactive, much more informative and up to date. Then theres articles and faetures coming in January from music magazines like, CBS, XXL Magazine, Ende Magazing and Rock Thiz, expanded radio play on Sirus and other FM stations, more live shows and a tour coming for 2015, 2 new projects are coming down the pipe complete with videos to some of the songs. Expectation of a new label home!!! Stay tuned for that one! TV and other commercial productions..... There so much more to expect with things starting off in January. We're working with new major additions to the team also. Like Ms Michelle Magee from Bullzeye Entertainment my friend Mr Cynclair from Brooklyn, NY a MAJOR player in the entertaiment world. They have already joined forces with my peeps, Mr Pierre Walters, CEO Blue-Artists Branding Firm, to go over the top in 2015! Our goal is to deliver to you the fans what you want, great music that touch and change your lives and give you just what your looking for. We'll be doing a little Jazz, a little Soul & Blues, Neo-Soul and test our limits in a few other genres like ragge and Hip-Hop meets Jazz to wet your taste buds! :) So stay tuned and strap in because we're going straight up and we don't want to lose anyone! Talk Soon Michael Egleton WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM

Hold On to A Song

Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope yours is going well! Remember, many experience a time of loss or memories of loss during this season. Hold On To A Song, http://reverbnation.com/michaelegleton, features the background vocals of the great Paula Dupree Smith and the and the powerful voice of Ms Ginger Pittman, both from Akron, Ohio. It's produced by Wes McCraw for the award winning project, A Look Into My Heart. I was contacted recently by someone who was experiencing just that at this time of year. Loss! Great loss. They told me how this song helped them through the night and asked me to post it to my sites so it could help someone else. To that person, that"s why I write music to touch and change lives. Thank you for the ultimate compliment. This gives meaning to the words, "Spreading Holiday Cheer." Spread Share you cheer with someone this season. You never know who you may be helping through a difficult time. WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM!

Winner Adult Contemporary Ohio Music Awards!

Hello everyone! Happy Holidays to you and your families! We are so so excited for for being chosen Best Adult Contemporary Artists, with the Ohio Music Awards! We would like to say a special thank you to the judges and staff at the Ohio Music Awards also the fans, supporters and well wishers. What makes this award so special is that it came from home. There's nothing like having the approval of those you live and associate with on a daily basis say ," Hey, you did a good job! " Thank you Ohio and everyone else. We can't stop here! You can find me on the home page of the IMA Music Awards site where we're an entry there. Now to receive an nomination from the IMA's would just put things into the stratus! We're booking concerts and planning many other opportunities so that you the fan and supporters can also experience my music. This month you can find me in Jazz Times, Endee Magazine, Rock Thiz, Soul Central Music Magazine in London and few more. We're trying to get the word out and create as much stir as we can about this project and it's producers. We have a concert coming up in the city of Akron, Ohio where we'll be returning to the Empire Concert Club. There will be special guests also. We are also coming to the Cleveland area soon. It's important to keep up with the latest new and events at WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM. Ok got to get back to work! Talk soon and Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Hey every one! :) I hope your enjoying the best Holidays of your life! Remember this reasons for the season, to share, care and to love. Nothing is more special than to take time to think about someone else other than one's self. It's Concert Time! Jan. 23rd we'll be back at the Empire Concert Club here in Akron, Ohio. We have been invited back and we plan to make this show even more special. 8pm is the start time. Hope to see you there! Remember to visit me at WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM to learn more about me and my music. You can purchase your copy of my IMA Music Awards and Ohio Music Awards Entry, A Look Into My Heart here, https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/a-look-into-my-heart/id931676936 and also https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Michael_Egleton_A_Look_Into_My_Heart?id=Befatbn5e4goswebmw6e3oximyy ! Enjoy this Holiday Season.

Concert Update!

Well we're getting ready to do the thang at the Empire Concert Club here in Akron, Ohio! :) I'm so happy to be giving some to my fans , family and friends here in Akron, Ohio. We plan to let it all hang out. We'll have the full band doing what they do with guest sax player, Richard Brown sitting in. So we plan to make a big night of this . Then we're off to Lakewood, Ohio and then we're off to The Foundry Oct 23 to do it all again. November bring us to LA and the First Annual Blaze Indie LA Party in Beverly Hills, CAat the fabulous BrewDogs night club on Wilshire BLVD. I'm so very proud to be a part of this event with my friend ms. LaShaune Turner. She was there when it all started! :) Watch WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM for more concert info and other news! I hope to get an opportunity to meet and greet my Lakewood fans! Ok, time to go rehearse. Talk next time! :) Michael Egleton

Persevere is the word! Time to get out !

Today the word for me is PERSEVERE. Hello everyone! :) It's time to free my mind. lol Well it's time to put the last few pieces into place for this machine so it can began to work. One being Management/Manager and the band members. I guess it's learning time again for me. This seems to have been the hardest thing to do. Maybe it's because just anyone won't do! Pressure can make one make the wrong decision and in many case we do. Dead lines, desires to get started, timing and many other factors cause us to place ourselves in a position that is most times found out in the heat of battle. That's why I persevere to have the right pieces in place and do it right the first time! In this business there isn't much room for mistakes. People in your camp must see the vision as you see it and know their role in YOUR vision. Not constantly trying to make it theirs. This is what makes it almost impossible to find that proverbial needles in the hay stack. So I continue looking, until a perfect mate of pieces is felt. I have to bring the heat and plan on doing just that! With that said, you got to have heat makers with ya! I'm so excited with the reception of my new release, A Look Into My Heart. It was also accepted as a IMA Music Awards entrant and has had many great articles and reviews written about it. The music has received great reviews from music industry writers who have listened to and examined each song. Now it's time to live up to what was written on stage and I plan to give the listeners and concert attendees everything I have. With a supporting cast that has the same mind set, WATCH OUT! Thanks for reading. Michael Egleton WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM

A Look Into My Heart now Available!

Hello everyone I'm happy to report that, finally, my new release, A Look Into My Heart is AVAILABLE! It's at Amazon and my web site, WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM. After a few snafoos, we now have lift off at mission control! I haven't written to you in a short while and I'm happy to write now with great news to report. A Look Into My Heart has received great attention, reports and feature articles surrounding it's release. Music news magazine sources such as Muzic Notez Music Magazine, iMoveiLive Music Magazine, CNN ireport, Beatstra Music Magazine, Indie Artist Music Magazine, and many, many more. Wire sources like PR Canada, AP Sense, inar-de music wire, Open Broadcast, kostenloses Press, Bubbles News Wire, Vitality Source Blog Spot and many more. They have said many great things after hearing music from this CD. It's warming up to radio also around the world and has been reviewed by many DJ's, radio show hosts and music industry professionals and received many high marks! So why don't you have your copy yet? You can purchase this CD at my web site, WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM , Amazon and soon iTunes. Preview and listen for yourself here at http://reverbnation.com/michaelegleton or go to my web site and view the great EPK produced by the award winning and BET nominated, Blue-Artists Branding and Marketing Group, directed by the award winning movie director, Mr. Pierre Walters, CEO at Blue-Artists, then go get the full release to enjoy the rest of the music available on this great release. There are many big names associated with this release which makes it so exciting to present such quality music for your enjoyment. This is what AP Sense had to say,"... Egleton and his producers certainly have brought "heart" back to music with A Look Into My Heart. Bringing a tender touch to Jazz..." - Teilen Sie diesen Beitrag, aktuell (May 31, 2014) and AP Wire said, “The eponymous album really does take listeners on a journey through Egleton's personal feelings about and exploration of a variety of topics, including divorce, abuse and sorrow. However, the message of this incredible album is not one of hatred or sadness but one of love and hope.” - Media Relations, SB Wire (Jun 12, 2014). As you see others are enjoying what they are hearing. This Cd has many different flavors on it. Everything from Hip-Hop with Donk A Donk featuring "Just Brain" (club mix) to the smooth Jazz, Take A Look Into My Heart featuring Wes McCraw on acoustic guitar. There's dance cuts like, I'm Coming and Like My Girl then there's the smooth, silky Soul of Baby Baby Baby (the remix) that takes you to day when music had something to say and all you had to do was grab you mate, hold them close and listen to the music. Upcoming news is, Akron, Ohio will be getting a concert! After popular demand from my peeps here in Akron, there is a concert being planned for September, 2014. The particulars will be announced. The CD Drop Party will be in Atlanta,GA at the famous Sugar Bush Club with the help of the popular, N-DA-Groove Band of Atlanta, GA with Samuel Haygood. The is a promotional tour being planned also to introduce this new CD to you my fans. Last but not least, there is a dance being developed by the South Side Steppers of Atlanta, GA for Donk A Donk Featuring "Just Brain". This dance will be spreading across the nation soon! So as you see, behind the scenes there's alot going and more to come. Make sure you follow to read the new feature articles, videos and new wire stories coming for this month starting today! As always thank you for your support! Talk soon. Michael Egleton

Michael Egleton EPK

Well everyone it has landed!!! Be the first to see the world premier of the Michael Egleton long play EPK produced by the award winning and BET nominated Blue-Artists Group of Washington DC, directed by the award winning movie director, Mr. Pierre Walters at WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM ! You'll get to hear for the first time anywhere, It's Over (the remix) produced by Mr. Wes McCraw of Creekside Audio. You can also hear the interview and see the superb acting in this EPK. Hurry and go check it out!

Dont Stop !

Hello everyone, fans, new fans, friends and well wishers. Tonight's post will be something a little different. Tonight in my quiet time I was reflecting over my journey so far with my music and different season's I've experienced so far during my journey. The different adversities I've faced and that are to come. I am a believer that anything worth having does require work and sacrifice. What are you willing to sacrifice for your dream? Your level of sacrifice can be compared to your level of belief in your dream. I had never looked at things this way until now. I likened things to a competition mile run. 4 laps around a quarter mile track. Imagine your competitors as being your adversities. In the beginning everyone has energy and is fighting for lane positioning. In the beginning of your quest everything is going crazy with all types of confusion and adversities. More people and things competing against you than for you. Then there's the middle of the race where the runners have settled into their lanes and everyone is pacing themselves. In your quest toward your dream, imagine this time as things going smoothly as you move forward in your quest of your dream. Now we're coming into the last lap, runners are tired, struggling, your tired and winded, in your quest imagine this time as "hell time"! Everything seems to be going wrong, adversities or in our analogy, runners are on each side and maybe in front fight to get in front. Elbowing, pushing, bumping each other and in some case tripping and falling as adversities can cause one to do in their quest toward their dream. Don't stop though. If you may have tripped, get up and keep running. Now the finish line is in view. Hopefully at this time your way ahead in your quest of your dream. Now is the time for your second wind, your kick as runners describe this part of the race. The finish line is your dream. It's right there and your winning. Lean in and cross the line! The race is not given to the swift nor to the strong but to the one that endures to the end... Finish strong!

M. E.