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Michael Egleton / Blog

The House of Blues Expereince

Whats Up everybody! As I promised, I will be getting a little more personal in this series called, "The Road to the House ". It my personal account and of the finger biting experience for this show. It was like none other I've experienced! lol WOW! I'll also be answering some of the questions I'm asked in some of the interviews I've done like why do I do music? I play and write music because it's a gift bestowed upon my life and I want to share it. Many artists do music for many different reasons. For me, it's an opportunity to share through song slices of my life, the good and the bad, in the hopes that it will affect someone else's life for the better or maybe answer some questions to what they may be experiencing and how I went through my journey. It's also therapeutic! To me, music is that thing that surpasses words. It taps into the emotions, feelings and the heart in that place where words can't. It surpasses language. It make you feel better when your not feeling too great. It calms the savage beast that may be lurking inside. It goes into the mind and paints a picture. The vibrations can change a mind set. "Good Vibrations"..... It causes a little baby to stop crying. It may cause a woman in love to cry from the emotions shes feeling when that man she loves says or does something special and she doesn't have words for. It makes a man have confidence and feel as though he can conquer the world. It controls the speed of a hot new dance or slows things down to where you can hold each other in your arms and look into each others eyes while reading each other's mind. Oh I could go on but you get the picture. It's not ,"it's just music", but it"s, "It's Music". (period) Well as to not bore you patience, I'll place the first entry on the road to the House of Blues in the next installment. Thanks for reading!

Michael Egleton WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM It's Music of the Heart!

That's Alright "The Rewind" is Shifting Gears!

Hello to you who may be reading my Blog! This is another edition to the ongoing evolution of That's Alright "The Rewind". Oh I could talk about other things but you here enough about those things. I'm so excited about whats going on with my new independent project, until I wanted to share a little and keep you in the loop. Well, we're shifting another gear with this great independent project. I have joined the ranks of those who are apart of the crowd fund raising campaigns in enlisting your help. For you who have been supporting and following me and the That's Alright "The Rewind" journey, we are working to make this the greatest project to date for the M.E. Team, which is why it seems to be evolving in stages. Because we're listening to you, the fans and supporters. We are now at the stage of pre-completion and this is where we need your help to take this through to the finish line. You can be a personal part of this stage. Plans have seemed to be developed as we go because of the unexpected popularity of the songs, Behind These Walls featuring the great Bob Esterle and Pop "Rewound". The many requests for a video to Behind These Walls have been just humbling. The radio play that's been going on is also just mind blowing. This is because of you and your commitment to my music. Because of the overwhelming requests for a video, we have put one into the plans and the works. I'll just wet your imagination with a little of whats planned. This video will be shot in Baltimore, MD and will be breaking some new ground there in Baltimore, like where one of the scenes will be shot. I will let this out, (hope I don't get in trouble! lol) One scene will be shot on a Historic Spanish Galleon that sits in the Bay of Baltimore. This will be the first time any video has been shot on this beautiful ship from what we're told. There will also be a few other new things coming from Blue-Artists and the award winning movie director, Pierre Walters and his super production team. The super actors in this video will tell the story of what it's like to be in a relationship paying the price for the deeds of a former lover. This will be a moving accurate account through the eyes of this story in song. Once the video is done, there will be plans to spread this story everywhere in person and on many other mediums. Being an independent artist has taught me much! As ideas get bigger and requests from you the supporters and fans are made, resources become a priority. Our goal is to reach the the listener in a place where only music can. In a way only music can. You can play an important part in the success of this independent project by going here, https://igg.me/at/megleton/x/14526298 and helping it come to pass. No there is no big labels to support this "Grown Folks" music. There is only you who believe in what we are doing. Strange Blog huh? Well what other place would I place it to keep you informed! Thank you so much for reading and know as always I appreciate YOU!

Talk Soon

Michael Egleton


We're Playing The House of Blues!!!

Hello everyone and Happy Friday to you all! I hope all is well! These are exciting times for Michael Egleton Music. One of these great times is, we'll be appearing at the famous House of Blues, Cleveland, Ohio, for their National Showcase Tour!!! You can visit their Facebook page to see and hear some of the great talent that has performed so far from L.A., Las Vegas, New York and many other participating cities. This will be a great event which will have many industry guest as well as music lovers! We've been building to a day such as this and we plan to throw it all down!!! Sunday, September 18th, 2016, 5pm is the date. The House of Blues! This month we are the cover story with Ms Chantel Atkins and The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine. Check it our at TRLMagazinge.com. We were Blessed to sit down with Mr Jamie Roxx and his radio show, Pop Roxx Radio Show also K-100 Radio"s Ill or Kill radio show in Atlanta, GA. We'll be with Cyrus Webb and his show, Cyrus Webb Presents, Conversations Live on Blog Talk Radio. Those are just some of whats going on for the month of July! Our new music, Behind These Walls featuring Bob Esterle, of Cleveland, Ohio is also doing great!!! It's a smooth soul joint with a throw back feel and all the instrumentation and background voices of the late 70's and 80's brought up to modern day. Bob Esterle is SMASHING the sax on this cut. Behind These Walls is a moving song about the emotions and feeling one may experience during the stormy times of a relationship that has lost it’s flame. Then the carry over that occurs when one transfers all of this baggage to a new relationship, penalizing the new interest for the sins of the past relationship. It's produce by Wes McCraw, Creekside Audio, Norton, Ohio and Samuel Haygood, N-DA-Groove Productions, Atlanta, GA. This song was preview by the listeners on K-100 Hip-&Hop and R&B Radio station's, Ill or Kill Show in Atlanta, GA and let's just say it did what it does!!! It's also Nominated for the 2016 IMA Music Award. From the words of the show's host to his many listeners on Facebook live and listening by radio were, "..... if you kill this cut, I'm gonna come and whoop all yall Momma's A......!" That should tell you a little something about this cut that's already playing on many radio stations around the world. There's also the new Stank "Wound Up", a great line and hand dance cut that's warming up with DJ's everywhere and last but no least, Pop"Rewound", also playing on many Jazz and Smooth Jazz stations around the world. This music is also produced by Wes McCraw and Samuel Haygood for my new independent release, That's Alright "The Rewind" nearing completion. Well it's been exciting talking about whats going on and coming up! These are a few of the links you can go to to get your buy one get one free deal at WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM, listen to or read the articles at these links, http://www.blogtalkradio.com/poproxxradio/2016/07/07/michael-egleton-jazz-rb-soul, www.facebook.com/livemusicshowcase, https://issuu.com/therhythmicloungemagazine/docs/trl_magazine_june_2016

Remember, It's Music of The Heart!

Talk Soon

Michael Egleton

"What Is It Good For..." Remember those lyrics?

I wanted to start as always by saying thank you for your support in my endeavors. Before I made the choice to write this piece, I thought long and hard. I thought whether to write it at all but with all that has happened in recent days, I had to express what was churning on the inside. I was looking through music that would speak to me about all thats happening in the climate of today. I came across a song from another time in my life. The Vietnam War erra. The song was by a great artist of the 50"s, 60"s and early 70's, the late, great, Edwin Starr. He made a song called "War". Even though it spoke to another time in history, if you listen to the lyrics, its very applicable to whats happening in today's turbulent times. He asks the question, war, what is it good for? Then he answers, "abselutely nothing ". To make sure you heard what he said, he said, "say it again!". It's the rest of the song that's such a riviting account of whats going on today. The adjectives he uses to describe such turbulent times is awesome. He calls the fighting a heart breaker. He says its destruction of innocent young lives. He says the fighting means tears for thousands of mothers eyes when there sons go off to fight and lose their lives. I think the most riviting thing he says for me is, fighting is only for the undertaker and later asks the question, "Who wants to die?" and that fighting can't give life, it can only take it away. Then he gives a ray of hope in the song when he says, there has to be a better way. This song is such an eerie account of whats being experienced by many today. It's so strange how a song written for another time in history is so applicable today. For many, many people, life is a war. Listen to their discriptions of what it takes to make it through one day or how they approach their day. Preparing as though they are themselves for a modern day war. Checking themselves, their kids and family to make sure everyone has everything. Giving the last instructions and pep talk before approaching the door to leave. Opening the door but first looking out to make sure everything is safe and ok. Walking the street always watching, looking, head on a swivel. For those who have served, what does that sound like? So you see we must view life through the eyes of others to gain a better understanding of life and how it's lived for others. I will post the powerful Edwin Starr song with this blog. As you listen , think of today not the past yesterday when this song was written but today's times and compare it to whats going on today. Then you may feel the eeriness I'm feeling. In conclusion, if those who can affect change and make a difference now, for the betterment of our society and places where we live, don't come to the table and talk sensibly, seriouly, with a mind of fairness, showing compassion, empathy and patience while searching for understanding, while realizing the time on the clock of action, Edwin Starr describes in detail through the lyrics of a song, should consider what the outcome could very well be .... We're better than that... https://youtu.be/ztZI2aLQ9Sw Check out this music video from the late, great, Edwin Starr. Talk Soon Michael Egleton WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM

A Look Behind the Walls of Michael Egleton

Hello everyone and much luv to you all! Remember, "It's Music of the ❤! Before I get started I'd like to remember the great people of Orlando, FL during this trying time and their commuties. Our prayers and heart go out to the affected families. Recently I had an indepth sit down wirh Jacqueline Jaxx of A.V.A. Live Radio and during this sit down I talked about recent tradgeties in my life I had never went as deep into conversation about before. It was theraputic to say the least. If you'd like to listen to this 45 min interview, you can visit A.V.A. Live Radio here, http://avaliveradio.com/behind-the-music-michael-egleton-on-behind-these-walls/ to hear what I had to testify to. You can also hear my new release, Behind These Walls feat Bob Esterle on sax. Dealing with loss when it comes to music became very real to me recently in a way I'd never imagined. During this time all I had was the music. Music showed me it's healing powers. When I say, " It's Music of the ❤!" I couldn't be more serious, especially after what took place in my life with the sudden loss of my younger brother, then less than 30 hours later, the brutal murder of my younger sister by her lover and 20 days later the death of her 19 year old son. It is music of my heart. It's music that healed my heart and my spirit man. I sat by a door, looking out for weeks, quietly not talking to anyone including those close to me, listening, searching for any music that would speak to me and sooth what I was feeling. Many times it ended up being my own songs. Day in, day out. Morning until late into the night. Not really talking period! Searching for a life line. Praying for the hurt to subside. It was the music that became my life line. No one can ever tell me what the power of music won't do. It saved my life when I had given up on it and everything else. Music didn't give up on me. So I say to you, whoever you may be reading this blog, give music a chance and let it talk to you through verses, sooth you through notes and touch you through a simple melody. It's Music for the Body. Music from the Soul and Music of the ❤! If you allow it to, it will calm the raging storms in your life. You have to let it do what it does and let it be that ointment for the wounds of your spirit and heart. Let it answer the questions no one else can answer. Let it speak like a calm breeze to your mind.That's what music did for me. Wow I've just let the world in a little furtherl Hopefully this will fall on the right eyes so that you can experience the magic of music. Much luv...

Michael Egleton

New EPK Video Premier is Out! 2016 IMA Music Awards

Hello everyone! I hope all is well! Today's blog will be updates as to whats been going on with Michael Egleton. As many may have ready by now, through a few articles and publications, I had experienced a great loss in my life recently with the loss of 3 family members in less than 20 days. My younger brother, Sister, who was murdered less than 30 hours after the passing of my brother and her 19 year old son, my nephew. I have been living the words of my songs and being comforted by the instrumentals of my music and you the fans have really been great and comforting. I'd like to say thank you to all for your love and kindness. We're getting back in the groove now with great things happening. The new EPK Video Premier short for the new cut featuring super saxophonist, Bob Esterle, Behind These Walls is out and the single for this song and a few others are available at my web site, WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM. Shooting for the full length video to this song will begin soon in the beautiful Baltimore, MD by the award winning Blue-Artists Firm and directed by award winning Hollywood movie director, Mr Pierre Walters. Look for something different and touching, to the point and and real life. Also we're in the 2016 IMA Music Awards with Behind These Walls! We are so proud to a part of one of the top 5 awarding bodies in the world. In 2014 we received a nomination for A Look Into My Heart. This year we're looking to bring home a win! http://fans.independentmusicawards.com/artists/michael-egleton Join me here at the 2016 IMA Music Awards! You can also play a part by going there and let your vote be heard! We are planning events and appearances as I write. Hopefully I'll be visiting your city soon. That's enough for now. I'd like to thank everyone again. Each and every person, supporter, fan for your prayers and support during this rough time in my life. Now lets get it moving!


EPK Video Planned-Winner with Akademia Music Awards!

Hello everyone! We are living in exciting times where history is being made and recorded. This is also an exciting time for Michael Egleton Music! We are so so proud to announce that we have won an Akademia Music Award for You and I featuring Wes McCraw, from the indepent project, A Look Into My Heart produced by Mr Samuel Haygood and Mr Wes McCraw with associate producer, Mr KT Beats (Kevin Taylor Jr). This is the second song to win an award from this independent project. There have been 4 nominations and we have won 3 awards from these nominations. So you can see where my excitement comes from. The first song, Pop "Rewound", from the new independent project That's Alright "The Rewind" is doing well on radio and XM Radio. As radio DJ's give this music a listen, they find that they want it in their rotations! This is super and a great feeling for team M. E. What's going on now? Well, the next 2 songs are ready for release and will be cut loose very soon. Stank "Wound Up", an instrumental cut that lends itself to line dancers, hand dancers and dancers alike, is waiting patiently to be heard on the air ways. Then there is the song that will be the subject of a long play EPK Preview, Behind These Walls, being planned as I write. This EPK Preview will be coming from the award winning, Blue-Artists Branding Firm, Baltimore, MD. Producer and movie director, Mr Pirre Walters is an award winning movie director who also has a L.A. and NYC background in film. This long play EPK Preview will deal with the baggage one may bring to a new relationship from the past unsuccessful prior relationship. Sabataging it before it even gets started. Making the new interest pay the price for the past one. There will be video footage from the pastvgreat actors of former videos shot with Michael Egleton with cut ins of music performances by Michael Egleton. So stay tuned and get ready for the Behind These Walls Experience! As always, much love from me and the M. E. team. Why dont you become a part of this great team by being a supporter and/or fan, sharing the music with all your friends and family! Your getting in on the bottom floor of something thats fast growing and becoming big. Join me here at Reverbnation.com or at my web site WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM where you can leave a comment if your like. Help shape the direction of the music. Remember it's Music for the Body. Music from the Soul and Music of the ❤! Talk Soon M. E. WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM

We've Been Nominated for Another Music Award

We're nominated for another award!!! Im so proud to announce that a second song from A Look Into My Heart has been nominated for a music award. We'd like to thank the World Wide, Akademia Music Awards judging panel for their consideration and nomination of, You and I featuring Wes McCraw. This song was produced by Wes McCraw at Creekside Audio, Norton, Ohio for the independent project, A Look Into My Heart, produced by Samuel Haygood and Wes McCraw with associate producer, Mr KT Beats(Kevin Taylor Jr). I would like to thank everyone who has made this possible. Blue-Artists, Ms Michelle Magee from Bullzeye Entertainment, Ms Paula Dupree Smith, Ms Ginger Pittman and others who have contributed to making it thus far. Well lets hope for the Gold!

New Songs Due Out Soon from That's Alright "The Rewind"

Well the train is yet moving with two (2) new cuts planned for release from the new independent project, That's Alright "The Rewind" produced by Wes McCraw and Samuel Haygood with associate producers, Mr KT Beats (Kevin Taylor Jr) and Mr Dereck Galespie. These songs are Behind the Walls and Stank "Wound Up" featuring Samuel Haygood. The first song Pop "Rewound" is doing well making a slow climb up many music charts andcreceiving air play on XM and FM stations. Now it's time for another helping from this independent project. It all starts in Michael Egleton's home town of Akron, Ohio with an Akron, Cleveland, Canton, Ohio only premier of the cut, Stank "Wound Up" featuring Samuel Haygood on synth. There are National and World wide premiers of this music is also planned. This time around is just for Akron/Cleveland/Canton area. So hometown get ready! Calling all of you who are line dancers and especially hand dancers throughout the Akron/Cleve/Canton area to meet HOT area DJ, DJ Mo Lee and Soul, Jazz and Blues recording artist, Michael Egleton, 8pm April 25th, 2016 at the Blue Note Party Center in Akron, Ohio for the Akron premier of the HOT new dance tune, Stank "Wound Up" featuring Samuel Haygood working the electric keys, from the new independent release coming soon from Michael Egleton, That's Alright "The Rewind". National and World premiers are coming soon! Bring your phones to take pics and post for the world to see how Akron does it! Akron premier, Stank "Wound Up". Produced by Samuel Haygood for That's Alright " The Rewind". As always much luv from my camp and I.

Talk Soon

M. E.

WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM http://reverbnation.com/michaelegleton

148 New Fans!!! Fans Vote with their Love and Support

Im always happy to be writing something in my blog to touch those who support my music with their love, listening, sharing and other resources. Someone said something profound to me this morning. As we were talking about supporters and fans and strategizing for the upcoming year on growing my base supporters, they said, " fans vote everyday on your music with their resources and support." That blew my mind! Not all artists and musicians are apart of music bodies like the Grammy Association or some other music entity where one may measure the success of their music by a vote. I know this is always on the mind of an artist or musician. "Do they like my music?" "Is the music good enough?" Im not on the radio, the music must not be quality..." This is where the statement, " fans vote on your music everyday" kicks in. This is and should be the most important vote of your career. Yes, even more important than a Grammy vote! Fans vote with their support. Everytime they buy your cd's, they pay for a ticket to one of your shows and/or buy your hats, shirts and other items related to your music. Everytime they take time to listen to your and my music and take the time to leave a comment. They are voting. Yes, they are show their approval and love for your craft. They are voting in your favor. This fan voting makes every artist a winner. After all music will only reach and land on the ear it's intended for. The music will find the ear that needs to hear it. Our job is to just keep making great music to change lives! Thanks for you vote by reading this blog!

Talk Soon

M. E.