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Early Reviews Are Great!!!

People are starting to talk!!! Hello to you, the fans, supporters and readers of this Blog entry. We've been away for a moment, working in the studio and doing what I love, making music! A short time ago raw instrumental tracks to my new independent project, In The Q were submitted to a select few of individuals to listen and give their honest thoughts. They were to consider every aspect of what they heard from this new project coming from M. E Music. Responses are starting to come in and WOW! What the music team is starting to hear is very exciting and inspiring. Some of the things being said are, "..... This is his best work yet!", " I couldn't stop listening to some of the tracks on this CD....", I danced all evening listening to it..." "... Michael is sticking to what he knows and this CD covers a range of genres and emotions...." We're waiting on even more responses which will be placed at music sites around the web and on my web site, WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM. Some of the individuals that were hand picked, were radio professionals, promo specialists, bloggers and even a few regular music listeners and even a few bands and their members. I was asked why would I do things this way instead of traditional ways of keeping things secret and then this "Big Reveal". Well as usual I wanted to do things different. Outside the box! Try something new. outside of the box! Also this time around and try it from other side of the music spectrum. The business side of things to try and take advantage of my business education and experience. I wanted the maximum input from you, the people who will experience the music and be affected by it. It was yet early enough in the production process to make any changes if needed from the feed back that would be received. It's done everyday in the business world. You ever watch a commercial that are willing to send you free samples of something to test it out then require your feed back as one of the conditions to receive the free sample? Well they got a free sample! It's also to show you whats coming from M. E. Music and the directions the team and I are taking. We're receiving calls and emails from the selected listeners everyday. Also I believe if the listener has a vested interest other than money, they will be more committed to the success of the project. You won't have to take my word blowing my own horn, you can listen to what others are saying about what they heard and be confident through their words that this is my best work ever and you won't be disappointed. About the music, there will be a few firsts. There will be my political statement with a song called, "Fight". It's an aggressive cut that speaks to the times of today concerning race relations and the political climate of today and it's affects. This song is aggressive music wise and in every other way. To the point! Nothing to guess about. The voice of Dr. Martin Luther King rings clear. This song has the feel of Sly and the Family Stone with it"s multiple lead voices and musical arrangements. The song, Super Woman has the same sentiments as "Fight" but for women. Just how far has the minority woman come? How far has women as a whole come? Many are yet rising early in the morning to a single parent family, getting the kids ready for the day to come then going off to a job they may not appreciate but need to provide for a family that lives at the edge of falling apart and the kids being lost to the streets. Long hours for pennies, budgeting a pay where something will go lacking this time around but you have to "Fight'! There is more trade mark Jazz and Soul on this project like Let's Dance featuring the great Bob Esterle, Love Song , Dance, Rock & Roll, the Temptation sounding, The Love Is Gone and the Gospel offering which will be sung by Ms Ginger Pittman, Where Do I Go. An orchestral offering which stretched my abilities to the brink! There you have it! What's to come and whats being said! It's been my pleasure. M. E

The AbSoulute Tour Is Coming!

The AbSoulute Tour is coming!!! Greetings everyone! Hope all is well in your world. Well things are starting with a BIG bang and very busy since becoming a part of Power Music and Promotions who very recently partnered up with the prestigious, Price Rubin Management and Entertainment Group. Yes, we're getting ready for the AbSoulute Tour and really looking forward to getting around the country to meet in person, the fans and supporters of M. E. Music. This is being built by Ms Constance Quigley and Mr Rupert Cheek of Power Music & Promotions/ Price Rubin Entertainment. They are working hard setting up dates and looking at feed back from the fans and supporters in the many areas of the country where M. E. Music can be found. M. E. Music is in many places around the net also. I'm so excited! We are also yet in the studio where things are heating up! Some of the cities we hope to see you in are Philly, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, Ohio, New York and down the east coast and are adding dates through the south as I write! In the studio, thing are very busy! Songs like Again, an acoustic duet with up and coming Adult Contemporary Artist, Shelby Olive Denton, Fight, a song that makes a cultural and political statement on how I feel things are today. Then there are my bread and butter Soul tracks, The Love Is Gone, Love Song, I Don't Want To Do This Anymore and of course a little nice Smooth Jazz to boot! It has been suggested to me that I should stick to one genre of music But I am one who has to put it down like it comes to me. So you'll have as usual, many flavorings to make your music soup from. Also video interviews and photo shoots are being prepared and a few have been done. You just have to stay tuned! lol The days have been long and full and I'm not tired yet! I'm full of excitement and running off of the love of my music craft and making you the listened, pleased with what you hear. The music for the new independent project, In The Q, has been done, re-done and done again as to make sure it speaks to your hearts, answers a life question, through my eyes, expresses how I feel about what I see today. I'll mention the song, Fight again. It's an expression of watching people and my own struggles in just making it from one day to the next. How people may be misunderstood and treated, how far we have to go and an encouragement not to quit. Don't give up and don't give in to the very real situations that are affecting everyone's lives today. There's something for men, women and even the children in this song. Some of the lyrics are, " I'm fighting in a game that's already rigged for me to fail and my grave to dig..." Women are fighting for their right to choose, Men are fighting for their rights, a fight they just can't loose. Kids are fighting for an education to succeed, don't get frustrated, fight for what you need. Fight!". Yes, this song is like that! It's really the first time I've gone there like this and expressed my thoughts and feeling about this subject. That's just a taste of what's to come in the gripping, emotional project, In The Q. So you got to stay tuned to get to the end of the movie! Once again it's been my pleasure to share with you and remember to FIGHT!

Talk Soon

Power Music and Promotions USA/UK Taps Soulful Jazz artist Michael Egleton

Hello everyone and it's always great to be writing to you about the great things going on with M. E. Music. This has been a busy few months and it's getting even busier. We're happy to announce our partnership with Power Music & Promotions USA/UK. We are elated and very excited about our futures and what's to come with their addition. They have hit the ground running and there is much being developed right away. There is a tour in the works for fall/winter that has been announced called the ABSOULUTE TOUR which will cover the east coast and interior locations such as Detroit, Philly, Chicago and more cities. Photo shoots and videos are also on the table. They have stirred the bucket real good! Power Music & Promotion is a team of qualified professionals that spans four continents and is headed up by Ms and soon to be Dr Constance Quigley and Mr Rupert Cheek, head of Cheeky promotions, UK. These to business heads have extensive experience throughout the digital, analytical, entertainment and secular business spectrum. Their partners who help in this great undertaking are also as qualified in the entertainment field and this list is also very extensive. They're excited to be using all their resources to further M. E. Music and launch it through the atmosphere. This piece completes the already exciting team working towards the success of the Soulful, Jazz artist, Michael Egleton. You'll began to see their foot print across the web pushing Michael and his music everywhere across the web. They are teamed with Blue-Artists, and Ms Kim Giles at Independent Artists Services. This is a mix for success. The "In The Q" Independent project is yet moving ahead with addition of a new 3 song independent project that will be launched exclusively on Reverbnation.com and produced by the talented, Mr Waymon "Bullet" Griffin of Talla Music. You can hear his work and read his extensive industry background at Reverbnation.com. He's worked with many big names in the industry and Las Vegas circuit Here are just a few of his accomplishments. He has worked with The Dazz Band and was featured on their hit, "No Parking On the Dance Floor" and played and sang on other hits from the Dazz Band like, "Joystick", "Let It Whip" and "Disco Dazz". He's played with, George Clinton, Skip Martin, the famous Drifters, Barrington Henderson of the Temptations and many more. So as you can imagine this will be super! This endeavor is under way and has been an experience thus far. There are other items coming online that be revealed in the near future so stay tuned!

The New Dynamic Duo Forming

What's Up everyone!!! There's alot up with M.E. Music these days. After jumping back in the music water head long, the plate has become full real fast! We're yet moving forward on the new independent project, "In The Q" with the first oficial single, "Again", a duet to be released featuring a young, bright new artist, Ms Shelby Oliver Denton, and a new calaberation coming together for music exclusively made to be placed on Reverbnation.com . This calaberation will be with Mr Waymon "Bullet" Griffin and myself, Michael Egleton. We will be doing 3 songs, which will also be produced by Mr Griffin, tto be placed exclusively at Reverbnation.com. Stay tuned to see whats coming! It will be anew flavor of sound. A little about Mr Griffin. "Bullet", as he's known around town, is amusician, artist, producer extraordinaire. He has written for many. His music has been sought after by a few stars in the industry. An unassuming, humble young man, he has abilities and an ear for the extra special which is unique. You can listen to his music on Reverbnation.com and Youtube.com to hear what he's bringing to the table. He's currently with, Taila/Music/Publishing and has released independent music under his publishing company. Located in Akron, Ohio, he's another one of Akron's best kept secrets. He's worked with the famous, Al Greene, The Dazz Band, Head Producer and Engineer at Dove Recording, opened for the electric Mr George Clinton and many more. He's quite capable and I'm super excited to to be working with him. The 3 song are yet in the inception mode but will be coming down the pipe real soon! As you see, when the machine begans to spit, it's going to be like the "winner" sign in LasVegas! So stay tuned, listen to music by Waymon "Bullet" Griffin at Reverbnation.com and Youtube.com and tell him what you think in a comment, a like and a share. As always, join me at WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM and http://www.reverbnation.com/michaelegleton. It's Music for the Body. Music from the Soul. Music from my ❤.

M. E.


Love Of The Arts

Hello world, fans, supporters and well wishers. I want to first thank everyone for your well wishes on my B-Day! You made it the best ever. I'd also like to take time to send my prayers and thoughts to the families and people of Manchester, England. This was a terriblle deed that will change lives forever. When does the hurt stop.... Yes, another year.... At this point in my life I find myself doing alot of reflecting and taking inventory on my priorities. You know, checking the to do list, referring to the accomplishments list, making sure the priority section gets attention. It's funny how where your at in your life dictates your priorities. My heart is heavy with thoughts and fears of world events and things happening surrounding the arts. I never thought that a simple act such as attending a concert would now become a target of discord. The arts are being taken out of schools or costs are so high to participate until kids look another way which many times equates to idle time and we know the saying, "an idle mind is the devil's workshop". I think many have forgotten what worked. The investments that used to be made in youth yielded many successes. It served many purposes than just an artistic experience. It kept young people's minds creating and busy. It provided productive activity in and after school. It was outlet to teach young people a way to proctivily express themselves and so much more. Concerts and artistic events are important for adults to have a place an opportunity to be free for a few moments from the cares of the rat race going on around them. A place where people meet and their worlds come together in peace and harmony. Whether it's standing in front of a picture at an art gallery expressing to someone what the picture means to you or listening to a song that takes you away, the arts are very important to society and it's existance. Time for updates! Well we're working hard on the new project and with the new artists that will be presented with this project. As music is developed, it not only excites me but blows my mind to see the music transform into something magical! There is a trip across the big pound being developed for Dec 2 of this year. Tentatively, it will be a 3 week tour that will cover such places as Germany, Rome, The UK, Italy and a few more places. I'm looking forward to seeing and meeting some you personally! As always photo shoots and videos are in the works! Well, thank you so much for reading and your support. I had someone email me to telll me that he wasn't a fan. That he's not even a fan of my type of music but when he heard "Orchid Trauma feat Wes McCraw", he had to have it! May be the music made a believer out of him!

Talk Soon

M. E.

Music Inspiration, From A Turn Table

I'm back with something from history. I was looking for a little writing inspiration so I broke out my old turn table and dug out some old 45's I've collected over the years and I got lost in time. Some 45's were as far back as the 60's with labels and artist names many of the younger crowd wouldn't recognize like Rene & Angela singing, "Save Your Love" (Part 1) with early Mercury Records, "Going To the Go Go", Smokey & the Miracles with the Tamala label or Brenda George, "I'm Not Trying To Make You Pay" with Gator Records! WOW! More labels like Hi Records, Deram Records, Soul Records, the Duke Label, Back Beat and O.V. Wright, Josie Records.... Anyone Remember back then? Oh there were more labels like Apple of which I believe the Beatles recorded with. Then there was Staxx Records and Mr Jonny Taylor singing " Who's Making Love", Gordy Records and the Temptations, "Run Away Child Running Wild", Bell & James with "Shake Down" and A&M Records. Anything ringing a bell yet? Then how about Tenison Stephens and "Baby I'm A Fool For You" with the Aries Record Label. I had many more like Atlantic Records, Sound Stage Records, Hot Wax Records, SHOUT Records and Mr Freddy Scott "Cry To Me". Any of you Gospel listeners remember Celestial Records? Here's one that's sure to work your mind, "Bad Bill of Goods" by The Glass House and Invictor Records. I can't help but to wonder what may have happened to labels like this putting out such great music. Was is it bad management, stiffer competition, marketing, change in times and/or music or all of the above? Muddy Waters and Chess Records, "I'm Still A Fool"... I'm looking through my 45's just playing them randomly trying to figure it out. Such great music that made your imagination go crazy while your body moved. Here's one Stang Records and The Moments singing "Love On A Two Way Street". I loooooooooved this song as young boy and would cry when I'd hear it on AM radio! I still don't know why! It just made me sad I guess. Remember, I was a boy of about 9 or 10 years old. Sunday nights after church, of course, I'd turn WAKR on the AM dial and the "Papa Soul Hour" while I was in bed going to sleep. The song affected me as a YOUNG boy..... I wonder how would a song like this reach a young boy or girl of today? Would it touch them like it touched me? Well I could go on because I have pile of 45's i'm fishing through. Not looking or anything particular but just pulling one at a time out, allowing my memory to refresh as I listen. What was I doing? Where was I at? What were the times. Good music will do that to you. I even remember the artist I made my first child to some 38 years ago! Good music will do that. Its was Barry White! I do know a big chunk of this music was during the Vietnam era. I didn't tell my age did I? lol Well I believe you get what I'm saying. Go dig up some old 45's and see what it does for you.

Talk Soon M. E.

Light It Up Blue for Autism Awareness !

Hello to all my supporters, fans and well wishers. Well it's time to do something bigger than all of us and lending our support to Autism Awareness. This cause is especially important to me and very near to my heart because I have a family member who I love more than life thats affected by this disorder, my grandson. I watch him everyday, over come whatever barrier that may arise in his young life. He's a pre-teen with the inosence, pureness and naiveté of a child while yet navigating life on his terms as he's making the adjustment into a young man. When I watch him, I feel sometimes helpless, other times excited, sometimes I cry, and many times bewildered as I try to figure out how much help is too much or not enough. Either way I've been there since he was born and I'm in for the long haul. Autism and the signs of autism usually began to appear between the ages of 2 to 3 years of age. Adults and children with autism typically show difficulty in verbal and non-verbal communication, social interaction, and liesure or play activities. It can affect anyone. It's not gender or race specific. It's not bound by socioeconomic status. It can touch anyone. Peple with Asperger Syndrom, such as my grandson, experience milder symptoms of autistic disorder. They may have social challenges, unusual behaviors and interests such as he, my grandson. However they don't have much of a problem with language or intelluctual disabilities. There are other variations of autism such as Autism Disorder or "classic autism" PDD-NOS or "atypical autism". See how the Autism Organization helps one to to understand this disorder. We knew nothing until we got involved with the autism associations. I remember when we discovered the different changes he was experiencing was autism. Unusual reactions to the way things sound, smell, taste, look and feel. The spinning in a circle and/or rocking back and forth, flapping of the hands and other things he was doing. My daughter, wife and I didn't understand what autism was and was really blind sided by the diagnosis. We knew something wasn't right. I felt so many emotions. From anger to greatfulness. I didn't understand how or why my grandson was the one to have this disorder. My daughter was going through her own personsal journey with trying to understand. It was our association with Autism Speaks and other organizations dealing autism that helped us to began to understand his form of autism, Asperger Syndrom. Scientist don't know why this desease is here but because of organizations like Autism Speaks, The Autism Science Foundation, Center for Autism and Related Disorders, National Autism Society and many other great and needed organizations, we must "Light It up Blue" to help understand and defeat this disorder. This me sharing with you. Support Autism Organizations with your donations, participation and action. Remember to Light It Up Blue!

Much Luv and Many Thanks

M. E.

Artist Interview: Michael Egleton & Artist PR.com

http://www.artistpr.com/artist-interviews/artist-interview-michael-egleton/?inf_contact_key=7337c39bf965d80767a432a2510265d26b768f9d9be6c5c147ba7ec01dbfb257 Check what Artist PR in LA is Saying about Michael Egleton!!! Then listen to Music from Michael Egleton at http://www.reverbnation.com/michaelegleton. Music for the Body. Music from the Soul. Music of the ❤! Hello Everyone, fans, supporters and readers of interest! I'm so happy and proud to have been interviewed at length by Artist PR.com. I'd like to send a big shoutout to John there. This was a great interview where I was able to get even more personal and talk about others on my team. It's been a little task being a solo artist and "blowing my own horn", so to speak. I love when I have an opportunity to talk about others and their contribution to my music success. I'll also have a few views on today's music and other events. It's way too much to place in my blog so when you have time, give it a read and learn even more about Michael Egleton, his life and his Music! Then listen to music by Michael Egleton at http://www.reverbnation.com/michaelegleton! As always, It's Music for the Body. Music from the Soul. Music of the ❤!

Getting Personal with 'In The Q' New Idependent Project From Michael Egleton

Hello everyone! It's time to update you on the progress of the project! We're moving forward working day and night to give you the listener the very best we have to offer. We now have 10 songs in the hopper for producers but I'd like to take a moment to tell you about one particular joint on the "In The Q" independent project. The name of this song is, "Where Do I Go", written and arranged by myself and will be produced by Mr Wes McCraw of Creekside Audio in Norton, Ohio. We will be introducing a great Gospel singer on this song named, Ms Ginger Pittman-Ferguson from right here in Akron, Ohio. She's a well known, powerful Gospel, Jazz and Soul artist who you've already heard as one of my background singers. Ginger, as I call her, is well known in the Akron-Cleveland and regional areas and as far away as Nashville, TN! She has sang with quite a few Gospel heavy weights also as background support. "Where Do I Go" is a song that deals with what goes through one's mind in times of trouble, hurt, misunderstandings and bewilderment. It asks questions that are very real and humanistic. Some of the lyrics ask, "Where do I go ---- when, I’m feeling, kind of low, Who do I talk to When, I don’t know where to go... It asks other questions like, "Where is the love when I need it, When there is none to be found, and the important question that had been what was on my mind recently after I had gone through a horrendous ordeal, "How does my heart began to heal, From the wounds that may about. The great thing about this song is it also provides an answer without a label of who. "So I run to the one, Who knows just what I need." Then it proclaims that, " Your the only one who knows, all about me, You’re the only one who sees and can make it better for me...." OMG!" This song was written through my tears and joy. On a personal tip, I'm sure she doesn't mind me telling, as Ginger rehearsed this song, I noticed she had stopped singing. So I came away from the board to see what was going on and she was in tears sobbing. She said, " This song is just what I needed for this time and space I'm in at this time in my life ...." This is the kind of music I'm writing for this project. Music that deals with real life. Real questions and in some cases, answers to things that hit you in the face with life. I can't write about what I haven't experienced. It won't touch, help or heal when and where it's supposed to. This why I try to end every writing in words that are real to me, Music for the Body. Music from the Soul. Music of the Heart. Because it is. It is my hope and prayer that this Gospel-Crossover, "Where Do I Go", will reach those who it is supposed to. The plan is to break it out in concert real soon! All of the info will be posted when decisions are made. Well that's it my friends, followers and fans! "In The Q", promises to have a little for everyone. I wanted to get a little more personal this time to make you a part of this independent project and to bring your imagination into whats going on in the studio. As always in parting, It's Music for the Body. Music from the Soul. Music of the Heart.

Talk Soon

M. E.

Music Inspiration

Hello to everyone reading. As always it's great to be sharing with you. In these contentious , toxic times, it's starting to look like music has to once again save the day! To you music creators out in cybor land, how has recent times and events inspired you and your writing? Has these time sparked a desire in your heart to express in song what you feel inside? To put your views to sheet music? It has with me on one of the cuts to my new independent project, "In The Q". I would usually try to stay away from this area because it can be so misunderstood and needless to say, career ending. If you've been following me and my music, you would know I'm back in the studio writing and working hard on my new independent project, "In The Q". I thought long and hard about today's atmosphere and all thats going on and did come up with a little something to express my feelings of today. It hasn't been titled yet because it's yet being developed. This joint deals directly with my feelings on the struggles of today and all that's going on. It has a driving bass line that represents the relentless, constant pressures these days and times presents everyday. The rhythmic kick is symbolic of the heart beat of a drive to make it. To win a battle in this life war. To succeed. The guest rapper will be spitting the real that accurately describes the feelings, attitude, mood of a mind going through trying to make it in this struggle called life in and out of the city. Then there is the Christian cross over, "Where Do I Go", a song full of orchestra and string arrangements. The lyrics deal with the feelings of bewilderment, dismay, confusion and loneliness one may experience while go through an ordeal. It also offers directions to sanctity. As the song plays on, it concedes a quiet confidence that there is a place of answers, assurances and rest to be found. It's my life experience. It tells my story and probably some of yours if your honest with yourself. Last but not least, there is "Love Song". This song is just as the title says, a love song. One telling another the ways in which they love. This joint has the flavor of a cross between the love legend, Mr. Teddy Pentergrass and the King of String, the great Mr Barry White. Built for alone time, this cut says it all. You don't have to say a word. This is what's been on my mind and what we've been doing since we last talked. During these particular days and times, be sure to find love and understanding where you can. Use tolerance when possible. Seek peace where there is none.

Much Luv

Michael Egleton Join me at, http://www.reverbnation.com/michaelegleton