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Signed, Sealed, Delivered

The summer has been flying by for us-we can’t believe that we are halfway through July already! We’ve been very busy, both performing and trying to promote our new CD!

We are new to the radio scene so we have been working hard to get our name out to both local stations and stations across the country! We have developed a slow but effective process of picking a state, looking up the stations and addresses, assembling the packages and heading to the post office to mail them out! The post office workers are already beginning to recognize us and the large bagfuls of radio singles that we haul in to be stamped! We have already sent singles to stations in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio and Georgia. Check out one of the pictures below to see some our packaging chaos!

Of course, our process has resulted in a few errors. We recently had a CD returned to us with a friendly message from the post office which let us know that the station we tried to send to closed a long time ago. (See the photo below!) Thankfully, we have had some success from our CD packages too! Froggy 98.5/100.3 in Meadville let us know that they received our single and then booked us to play their big concert event of the summer, FrogFest! It takes place at the Venango County Fair on August 10 and we are so excited to have the chance to play there! We were also thrilled to learn last night that Y108 107.9 in Pittsburgh played our single as part of their Homegrown Country in the evenings! Big thanks to Wookie for playing our single and helping to advertise our music!

Every day we get more motivated to spread our music as far as we can! As always, we can’t thank you all enough for your support. We say it every time and we mean it: We couldn’t do this without you all! Stay tuned to find out what stations near you could be playing The Hobbs Sisters in the future! Hannah and Lauren

That's a Wrap!

What an incredible experience! These past few days have been a whirlwind and we are beyond excited to share the finished product with you all!

Today’s focus was on fine-tuning all of the harmonies (something that we love to do!). Although we are used to putting harmonies in all of our songs, today certainly tested our abilities! We started the day by working on Nothing But the Ground which is a really sassy, uptempo tune. Then we worked on Love Don’t Give Up on Me Yet and finished off the day with Till I Kissed You. For each song, we would put in both high harmonies and low harmonies. This will give the engineer a lot of options to play with when piecing together the final tracks. It was so much fun for us to get behind the microphone and harmonize together! Harmony has truly become an integral part of our duo and we are so excited to incorporate that into our first EP.

One of the most fun parts of the day was listening to the preliminary mixes of each song before we left the studio. The producer pieced together some of the initial tracks in order to give us a preview of what the songs will eventually sound like. Although the songs are not finished yet, it was so exciting to get an idea of how they will sound when all is said and done!

As we are getting ready to head home tomorrow, we still can’t believe how incredible these past few days have been. We are so blessed to have had the chance to record our first EP here in Nashville. It has been everything we hoped for and more and we cannot wait to see where this will take us. Thank you all for sticking with us on this journey. Your support means the world to us and we could not do it without you! We’ll keep the updates coming in the next few weeks as the final project comes together! Hopefully The Hobbs Sisters’ EP will be available in late April or May. Stay tuned!

Hannah and Lauren

The Magic of Potato Chips and Honey

Today was our second day of recording at Sonytree Studios and it was all about the vocals! We finished up the lead vocals for the last three tracks: Love Don’t Give Up on Me Yet, ‘Till I Kissed You and Nothing but the Ground and added harmonies to the tracks we completed yesterday. It was a rewarding, yet challenging, day that was full of hard work, fun and surprising remedies.

With this EP, we are taking a slightly different approach with the songs. Typically, we evenly divide the singing between the two of us and add harmonies as well. However, after reviewing the songs with the producer, Adam, we decided that it would better to have some songs with only one lead vocalist. We are still adding lots of harmony to each song and putting it in “The Hobbs Sisters” style!

We discovered today that recording can be an exciting but also frustrating process. We are at the studio for long hours and often need to sing a song over and over until we get it right. While this can be frustrating, it is also extremely rewarding when we finally get a song exactly how we want it. We have also picked some unique tips for coping with vocal troubles. For example, today Lauren was battling allergies, due to the ever-changing Nashville weather. Upon the advice of the producer and one of the studio’s interns, we discovered that eating Lay’s potato chips and a spoonful of honey will clear your throat right up so you can hit the notes you need! Who knew? :)

Tomorrow we head back to the studio to finish up some harmonies and do any necessary touch ups. This has been an incredible experience for us so far! We feel so blessed to be here and to get the chance to do what we love. Thanks so much for keeping up with our trip, we look forward to sharing the rest of this week with you!

Recording Begins

Day 1 of recording was definitely all that we had expected and much more! We had a long and tiring day but we are already thrilled with how this project is turning out.

We started our day early this morning at Sonytree Studios. The first few hours were spent with the studio band. The group of musicians playing for us were incredible and had an extensive list of credits. From touring with big name artists to playing on some of country music’s biggest albums, these musicians were nothing short of amazing.Although we loved how the songs sounded on the demos, the band took them to a whole new level. Within three hours, they had recorded all 5 songs and they sounded better than we could have ever imagined. It was a pleasure and a privilege to be able to work with them this morning!

After taking a lunch break, we started laying down the lead vocals. Today, we completed the lead vocals tracks for two songs: I’d Still Have You and Something We Never Had. It was awesome to be recording in such a professional studio and with such a great engineer, Adam Engelhardt. We were in awe of the talent we were in the presence of today and we learned so much from these professionals.

We have another full day in the studio planned for tomorrow to finish lead vocals and begin laying down harmonies. Even though it’s early, we are already in for the night to relax and rest our voices! Thanks for keeping up with us so far-we cannot wait to share more with you tomorrow!

Music City Bound

Hope everyone has been having a great new year! We head back to school on Monday but it has been a very busy and productive break, especially after the New Year. This past weekend, we took a short trip down to Nashville, TN. We were only there for one day but we tried to pack in as much as we could to those 24 hours! Highlights of the trip included getting to play at an open mic night at the Commodore Grille and meeting with Sony Tree Studios about recording an EP this spring! We are planning to head back to Nashville over our Spring Break in March and record a 5 track EP, which we hope to release in April or May! Our goal for these next few months is to prepare songs and gather material so that we are ready to record when March comes around. Be sure to check out our Facebook page (and like it if you haven’t yet!) to see a video of our performance from the Commodore Grille. Thanks again for your continuous support throughout our musical journey! We could not do this without the many family and friends who follow our page and website, come out to the shows and act as a never ending support system for us as we try to make it in the music business. Enjoy this wonderful week and keep checking back for more updates soon :)