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News Update

In the past few months, a lot of new things have happened for the band that we haven't been necessarily been the best at telling you about, so I have written this to catch all of you up.

First off, our bass player Will has left the band, and actually left about 3-4 months ago, for personal reasons. As of now, for recording, Jonny will take on the bass responsibilities. We all continue to write the parts for it. In a live setting, we have a couple different bass players that sit in for us. In addition to our live bass player, we also have a couple of live keyboardists that sit in with us on stage. So now, you will see us as a 5-piece on stage.

Next off, our EP, TO THE FACE, was just sent out earlier this week to 300 college and core radio stations across the U.S and in Canada.

Lastly, and most importantly, we have a NEW SINGLE, set to be released this upcoming Tuesday, September 4th.

That about covers all that has happened since Will's departure. So as for what's coming up... We are getting ready to start filming a music video for "Brand New", from TO THE FACE. We also have a show on September 23rd at the 50 Mason Social House in San Francisco. Lastly, we have a whole bunch of songs that are being written and can't wait to get back into the studio again, it's just a matter of us getting the money to get back in.

That's about it, we're stoked to show you all our new single on Tuesday and are excited about this next phase in our careers. We love all of you guys and can't begin to express how much we appreciate your support.

- Gaitan


This year we are competing in the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands for a spot on Warped Tour this summer in San Francisco, but we can't do it without you, and more importantly, your votes. Let us give you a little insight on how the competition works.

The competition is organized by venues, meaning each specific stop on Warped, and the bands are competing to play their local spot, us obviously being San Francisco. The top 100 bands from each stop get reviewed by a panel of judges, including John Feldman (Goldfinger, produced bands like Fall Out Boy & Panic! at the Disco), Kevin Lyman (founder of Warped), etc. They will then select four bands per city based on musicianship, originality, ability to draw, songwriting, and vocal ability. The only way we're going to even get considered though is by voting us to the top of our local spot, so we need all of your votes. This is how you do it:

*Go to the link right below, at the end of this paragraph, and register as a fan, (yes you'll need to give your email, but you can choose to not have anything sent to you, don't worry) and then vote for us on our profile. Also, you can vote once PER DAY. Share the link on your Facebook, twitter, instagram,tumblr, or whatever you're spending your social networking time on, and spread the word like wildfire.


This has been a personal dream for all four of us since we were kids, and now we are working our hardest to make it a reality and the only way we can do that is through you. Help us to make this a reality.


Check out our debut EP, "TO THE FACE."