Gussy's Show

Gussy's Bar was ROCKIN" last night!! I Wasn't sure what to expect when we first got there last night (It was early and we - PAIN ADDICT - were the first band on). Our drummer was late and the place was pretty empty. Turned out to be one of the best nights in recent memory! Met some of the coolest people on the face of this earth! Great Bands, Great Music, Great People. Great Bar.......GREAT TIME!! Special Thanks to all the people who made last night such a blast: Ozzie Mortanis, Steve "the sound Guy"(Thanks Bro! You made us sound terrific!), John The Doorman, The bartenders at Gussy's Bar(Sorry I didn't get your names!). And Thanks to all our friends who came: Nick of "Sweet Magma", Joey "The Pill", Ron "The Stagehand" from MSG, The 4 wonderful, fun and hilarious people(Joe, Karen, Paul and Andrew) from "SasketchShow", Chris and No-Tag, Ian and Dan Gilfeather(our most loyal fan!) and to any one else I forgot. THANK YOU ALL!!

Friday's Show

For all who were at the show tonight...Peace and Love (and of course THANKS!!!) For all that weren't well...., you know what time it is.