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The Recipe For Disaster

Heading into the spring 5pointstar Records already got several projects in store for the year of 2013 such as the Darksyde Rydaz LP "Uncut Dope" which is a 2 disc album that features Polo.T, Dmono Luciano, Capone, Cusco and many more followed by the revival of the legendary compilation series "Hell Bound Vol.5" that features classic tracks from 2007 to the present works of 5PSR artists. Dmono & Capone each got solo efforts of their own in the works, Dmono is currently piecing together an album titled "Wasted Dayz And Wasted Nights" as Capone gathers tracks for his summer album "The Dead Pool" also Uno Ocho Siete are putting in hard work for their anticipated 3rd album "Mirror Writings" due this year. Stay connected for more updates from the most infamous record label in Kansas!


We have been holding down the number 1 ranking in Garden city, Ks for nearly an entire year now and it is a true blessing, last year we released two anticipated albums Dmono's "Paraphernalia" & Capone's "Worst Case Scenario" and they lit up the streets with that real fire we've been presenting for over a decade and in 2013 we ain't letting up one bit cuz we got some real shit instore for this year with new albums & merchandise. So stay tuned same time, same place and same channel stay connected!!

The Fall '12

This autumn 5pointstar records is set to release a line of brand new albums/mixtapes before the closing of 2012 including major albums such as Dmono's "Paraphenalia" & Capone's "Worst Case Scenario" which are due to be out in October, following is a new Darksyde Rydaz album in light of the 10th anniversary of 5PSR's greatness.

Back 2 the studio!

We are headed back to the studio to record the 3rd Uno Ocho Siete album "Temple Of The Sun" to be released this fall... stay posted.

Upcoming Projects

5pointstar records is getting ready to unleash some real fire with Uno Ocho Siete's "Temple of the sun" which is set to be released either the fourth quarter of this year or the first quarter of 2012 while Dmono is putting together his anticipated solo album "Paraphenalia" aswell as Capone's solo "Worst Case Scenario".