Now what?! Just crank it up!

I finished what I set out to do,write a bunch of songs for myself and my friends.am I happy with it? Well, the sound could be better, I did learn a lot from riffworks,nuendo software though, Which is cool,it was easy to write songs.the addictive drums software was awesome.I have a bunch of songs left over ,not sure what to do with those yet,rewrite?throw in the vault.I've been meddling with a riff here or there.work on some more artwork ideas. It's really hard to find players to work with these days.busy with life,I understand.not much money to earn from originals without hard work! I would like interest from maybe distribution co.redo artwork and sound.but dammit time!hard to find it now.

The Project must go on!

I have been writing these songs for about 3-4 years after the downfall of my Thrash/metal band Shock to the system fell apart for the last time. I have been singing since I was 16 in all types of bands. Listening to all types of music from metal,classic rock,stoner,doom even pop rock. Always a fan first and foremost ,so I began writing stuff I liked to hear as if I was a fan.I was getting better everyday on writng with guitar and vocals I continued and ended with the songs on this site. My plan for this project is to take it another level and incorporate my art work to each song for the CD I will eventually make in the few months ahead and form a full band to play out live.I am a artist that loves to paint trippy shit and used titles for my songs as a motivator.I hope this comes together the way i envisioned it.It's all on me and only me in the end.Wish me luck! A Liars Heaven 2012!