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SoulVent...A New Beginning...

SoulVent - Check us out and take a listen to our 3 Demo's: www.reverbnation.com/soulventmusic


Check us out: www.reverbnation.com/soulventmusic 3 demos uploaded!

What do you know about SoulVent...

3 demos uploaded! Hope you dig it! Cheers~

A new DEMO uploaded...check it out...

Check out the new DEMO...Mirror Me! Spread the word! www.reverbnation.com/soulventmusic

A new beginning...

Check out and spread the word about SoulVent!! www.reverbnation.com/soulventmusic

Foreshadow is lookin....

Back to reality after a weekend in Reno...Good Times! But now back to bizness! We are still auditioning for a bassist, although we have our eye on one who is coming in again for a 2nd audition...Lookin good! Gettin everything else all in order so when we're ready, we're ready! Keep spreading the word & sharing our link with your friends. Tell everyone to "Like" us because we may be playin in a town near you soon! www.reverbnation.com/foreshadow1


Foreshadow needs an experienced bassist!! Check us out and message me if you are interested in auditioning. www.reverbnation.com/foreshadow1 Thank you!

New song uploaded!

Check out the new (demo) song uploaded - Answers Within! www.reverbnation.com/foreshadow1

Need an experienced Bassist!!!

Message me to hear a track with vocals. www.reverbnation.com/foreshadow1

Happy Holidaze!!!

Merry Xmas from Foreshadow and Rockstar Photography!!! www.reverbnation.com/foreshadow1 www.facebook.com/rockstarphotography1